How to Select the Right VDR for Your Business Needs


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Data room software is a prior necessity for current business. By operating this software, organizations can safely keep and transfer private data. Therefore, selecting the proper virtual data room providers is significant because your company’s security depends on the right choice.

The first step is to research different vendors and make a data room comparison. Then, choose the correct VDR from various offerings. Potential customers first evaluate the essential features that any effective provider has.

Basic and additional functions can characterize data room providers. Depending on the application, different services may be required for each project.

The Main Features of VDR Providers

The following list includes critical features that should always be on hand if you strive for secure data management. iDeals, DealRoom, Merrill, SecureDocs, and FirmRoom, have essential elements for anyone seeking secure data management. You can read more about one of the VDRs here:

Access permissions. Because the user of a virtual data room plays an individual role in the project, s/he must also have personal rights to access, process, and download data. In addition, the function establishes that the information is necessarily well protected from external attacks. So check whether the provider allows access control before making your choice.

Structured and organized data. Whether managing a small project or using a company-wide data room, your information processing platform should offer basic record processing operations. It means that every digital data room user should be able to access the data they need quickly.

Mobile Access. With portable devices running in all marketing areas, a current VDR should be adapted for mobile devices. It allows you to access files while on the go.

Document Version Control. Version control allows the administrator to control the automatic saving of document settings. Depending on the grounds, users can track all changes in the version history and still always have the latest version of the document.

Notifications. Depending on their authority level, administrators and virtual data room users can be notified of updates and newly uploaded documents.

Additional Features

Depending on your wishes, you can also use many other optional features that create the ultimate comfort in the digital data room.

Corporate Design Site. Look for vendors that allow you to customize a virtual data room, for example, with a color or company logo.

Q&A area. The question and answer area (Q&A) is an area in the electronic data room where users can direct their questions about any document in the data room to other users or administrators. In addition, more professional VDR vendors offer the option of creating a frequently asked statistical question section where users’ most commonly asked questions can be answered.

Bulk Download. Mass uploads and downloads allow you to upload or download multiple files simultaneously. Choose a VDR provider with no limit for download size.

Drag and drop feature. This feature allows users to activate files on their devices with a single click and add them to the data room.

Integration with Microsoft Office. Integration with Microsoft Office allows users to access and store all the Office files in the virtual data room.

Cross-Sectional Document Viewer. The scroll feature allows you to scroll through documents in a folder when a copy is open. This feature saves a lot of time, especially for those users who need to check document folders.

Multiple devices. Some virtual data rooms have partnerships with popular applications to improve productivity. In addition, more experienced virtual data room providers offer their users specialized iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows apps.

Multilingual customer support. A multilingual user interface helps users from different countries access virtual data rooms in their native language. Some online data room providers even offer document catalogs in other languages.

Apps for iPad and iPhone. The data room services should be designed to work across devices. The different needs of users on other devices, from computers to tablets to smartphones, should be considered for each device.

Top 5 Virtual Data Room Vendors

Selecting the right online data room software will improve your business. Listening to our advice will reduce the time to find the right software and help you make the right choice. Here are some of the best data room providers and their main features.


  • Drop-n-Drop functionality
  • A broad scope of customizable and collective tools
  • Extension downloads
  • User-friendly interface


  • Analytical instruments
  • Instinctive interface
  • Automatic fill function
  • Multilingual support


  •  Dropbox and Google Drive integration
  • Strong reporting functionality
  • Collaborative capabilities
  • Analytical Tools


  • Advanced protection tools
  • Customizable NDA
  • Annotation instruments
  • Reporting tools


  • Bulk upload/download, drag-and-drop, and fast document sharing
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Robust security tools
  • 24×7 customer support


Virtual data rooms are suitable for any business sector. Mostly, companies use them to secure their data. However, choosing a data room is a crucial stage where difficulties can arise. Despite the many options available, it is challenging to find the software that will best meet the requirements of your project.

This software is an essential investment in a business’s future goals. But before it needs research and planning. Then, pick a virtual data room provider that will make it comfortable for you to work together long-term. The tips noted overhead can make the choice process more accessible.

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