4 Effective Ways How to Reset iPhone without Password In 2023


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Did you forget your iPhone’s passcode? Can’t open your device? Unlocking an iPhone is challenging when you don’t memorise your passcode since Apple has optimum security options to safeguard your device from hacking.

Although resetting your iPhone without a password is challenging, a few methods can help you retrieve your device and its contents. Let us check some methods to ease off your challenge of resetting your iPhone without a passcode.

What Exactly is an iPhone Reset?

What Exactly is an iPhone Reset?

Restoring an iPhone to its default factory condition typically entails deleting every setting and content. As a result, it’s advisable to protect by backing up your information before you opt for resetting the device.

Once you reset your iPhone, it will appear as a brand-new gadget. Besides, once you access your device, it will show a display that reads Hello in many languages. You must then complete the onscreen directions to reset the iPhone before it may be used.

Why Should You Reset Your iPhone After Forgetting Your Security Code?

No method is there to bypass, change, or recover your iPhone’s security code or passcode when you don’t remember it. The single solution is to reset the device, which will wipe all information along with your passcode.

Although, if you need help remembering your password, you can still open your iPhone device using Face ID or Touch ID. Due to Apple’s extraordinary security measures, even the Forensic Bureau of Investigation can’t access a protected iPhone without a password. As a result, knowing about resetting your iPhone without a password is critical.

How To Reset Your iPhone Through iTunes?

Reset Your iPhone Through iTunes

You could still reset the iPhone using iTunes or a computer when you still need to enable the Find My iPhone setting. Like the Find My iPhone approach, it will erase every information from your device.

  • When you possess an iPhone 8 Plus, 8, or upgraded version, you can press the volume and side keys until the Power Off slide appears. Slide that to turn off your iPhone and link it to your computer when pressing the side button. Press the side button until you can spot the recovery option on your screen. 
  • When your iPhone’s model is 7 Plus or 7, you must hold and press the side button till the Power Off slide appears. Slide the bar to turn off the iPhone and link it to your computer when pressing the volume decrease button. Keep holding this button until you see the recovery option. 
  • When you possess an iPhone 6S or older version, you must keep holding the side button till the Power Off slide appears. Then, slide it to turn off your iPhone, and link it to your computer when pressing the Home button. You must hold down this button until you spot the recovery option on your screen.

Once you are given a choice to upgrade or restore your iPhone, you must choose to restore it. You can now retrieve your iPhone and restore it when you’ve saved all your files and information.

How to Restore an iPhone with the help of Third-Party Applications?

A few of the following third-party applications may help you restore your iPhone.

EaseUS MobiUnlock

EaseUS MobiUnlock

When you need to restore your iPhone without needing a passcode quickly, consider the EaseUS MobiUnlock application. This application will unlock your iPhone. It would be helpful if you have forgotten your iPhone password and wish to delete that from your iPhone.

By utilising the tool, you may unlock your iPhone. It will delete all of the device’s contents, allowing you to reset it. When you desire to keep your content, take your phone’s backup beforehand.

PassFab iPhone Unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker

PassFab iPhone Unlocker is a fantastic iPhone unlocker application with a simple UI and a plethora of functionality. It may unlock your disabled or locked iOS device in addition to one with a shattered screen.

Besides, PassFab enables consumers to reset their iOS devices even when they forget their passwords or Apple IDs, which is fantastic for individuals who have managed to damage their devices due to passwords being too difficult to memorize.

Reset iPhone without Apple ID via Settings

Reset iPhone without Apple ID via Settings

Employing the settings application to factory reset your iPhone without an Apple password or ID is feasible. This technique has a few limitations, including that Find My iPhone should be turned off and that you should have a restricted password.

Steps for Erasing Your iPhone Without Using An Apple ID:

  • Open the Settings application.
  • Select the Reset tab and erase All Settings and Content from the menu.
  • Once prompted, input your password and tap on the “Erase iPhone” tab.

How to Use the Recovery Option to Factory Reset Your iPhone Without a Passcode?

Use the Recovery Option to Factory Reset Your iPhone Without a Passcode
  • To begin with, you must launch iTunes and select Recovery Mode.
  • iPhone 8 or updated versions: You must rapidly release the Volume Down and Volume Up buttons after pressing them, then hold and press the Power button till the recovery options screen appears.
  • iPhone 7: Press the Power and Volume Down buttons till you see the recovery option on your screen. 
  • iPhone 6S and older versions: Press the Side or Top and Home buttons together till the Recovery Options screen appears.
  • Use a USB cord and connect the iPhone gadget to the desktop. 
  • In iTunes, when a window comes with the mode to Update or Restore your iPhone device, you must select Restore.

Final Verdict

Several methods exist to reset an iPhone without a password. You must consider a few aspects. To continue using your mobile after resetting the iPhone, you must know the Apple passcode and Apple ID. When you don’t back up your iPhone, your data is permanently deleted by the reset option.

Besides, it is critical to emphasize memorizing your iPhone’s screen lock passcode. It’s an excellent practice to pen down your iPhone’s passcode anywhere you can find it when you require it, saving you from having to erase or reset your iPhone and disable it to unlock and use it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you reset your iPhone without a passcode?

Yes, you may reset your device using various methods such as resetting your device. 

Which applications can help unlock your iPhone?

Several applications are there to unlock your iPhone, including EaseUS MobiUnlock and PassFab iPhone Unlocker.

How to Reset Your iPhone without Passcode?

The only remedy is to reset your gadget, which will remove all the stored data, including the password.

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