How to increase FTP in Call of Duty game


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Very few people know the fact they can improve their gaming experience by using the FTP transfer protocol. Unless you have access to a fast-paced gaming environment, chances are very high that you will not be able to do well in the gaming session. Most people end up spending huge amounts of money to take the best possible internet package. Even after doing that, they fail to play a fair game since other people are using advanced tweaks to ensure a fast gaming experience.

To improve your gaming experience in the Call of Duty, you can use the simple FTP tweaking method. FTP stands for file transfer protocol. It’s the process by which data is sent to the internet from one device to another. So, when you have a fast data transfer rate, you are going to play the game in a much better way.

In this article, we are going to teach you the exact way by which you can use the FTP and ensure a better gaming experience.

Try to use a wired connection

To improve your FTP, you should be playing the games with a wired device. If you play online games with the help of a router, chances are very high that you will face some lagging issues. Even if you buy the most expensive routers on the market, you are most likely to face trouble. To make things easier, we strongly suggest that you connect your computer with the Ethernet so that you don’t have to face any lagging issues. But remember, when you use the Ethernet, you need to use a high-quality cable. If the cable is faulty, you are not going to enjoy fast-paced gaming sessions.

Can’t we play using Wi-Fi?

If you have access to smart Wi-Fi which helps you to prioritize the channel you can still play call of duty with a great level of ease. Never think you know everything about the router. Try to do some online research and find the best possible router to boost your gaming experience. However, buying an expensive router might not be a good solution for people who want to play games with a tight budget. Consider your budget before buying the most expensive router on the market.


To improve your FTP, you may also rely on the VPN service provider. VPN stands for file transfer protocol. Try to use best VPN for Call of Duty as it will improve your gaming experience to a great extent. Moreover, you will be able to hide your digital footprint in the internet world. Thus you will feel much safer and you won’t have much problem dealing with the critical factors of the online industry. Always keep your personal information safe even in the online gaming world.

Make sure your port is open

You need to make sure that the port you are using to play the game is open. Unless the port forwarding option is open, chances are very high that you are going to face heavy lag during the gaming session. Try to find the open port and connect your gaming server with the help of a VPN. Once you do that, you will be playing the games without having major lagging issues. Thus you will have a better chance to win the game.

Use more ram

Some people often don’t understand that they need to have enough ram in their computer to ensure a fast gaming experience. Having the fastest internet connection is not going to help you unless your device has the power to process tons of data. In most cases, 16 gigs of RAM will be fine and you won’t have any major issues in dealing with the complex market condition.

Keep your computer clean

The FTP process is not going to work unless you have a clean computer. Take your time and try to find the best possible solution to clean up your computer. Try not to mess things up by installing third-party software. Always keep your antivirus program updated and at times check the installed program on your device. Uninstall the unnecessary program as it will help to maintain stability and boost the performance of your personal computer.

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