How to Godbridge in Minecraft using Autoclicker?


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Have you already seen players Godbridging all over the server while you are struggling to make merely some tall buildings? Worry not, we are here to tell you the secret of how it can be done by the easiest method in Minecraft. We have also included some other typical tasks that can be done the smooth way with the auto clicker below so don’t skip a line.

In this internet world, it is very tough to find a genuine solution to your problem and most of the methods that you read over the internet don’t even work but don’t worry here we have tried and tested the Clicks Speed test method for you. So, read this article carefully to the conclusion and we guarantee, you will be able to Godbridge with the steps which are included in the article below.

Although you must already know about the auto clicker just in case you don’t know which one to go for. We are including a list of our all-time favorite auto clickers.

The 3 auto clickers which you should surely give a try are-

  • GS Auto Clicker (Windows)
  • OP auto Clicker (Windows and Android)
  • MurGaa Auto clicker (Mac)

How to Download Auto Clicker

Out of all the three mentioned above, we are taking OP Auto Clicker and the others can also be downloaded the same way. Just follow these simple steps-

Step#1: Visit the official website:

Step#2: Click on Download.

Step#3: Now, you will be redirected to the SourceForge website. Wait for a while and your download will be started automatically.

Step#4: After downloading, open the file and set it up according to your need.

Now, you are ready to use your Auto clicker.

Configure Auto Clicker to GodBridge

Since you have downloaded your AutoClicker which is the easy part. Now comes the tricky part that is the configuration. As it offers certain functions what should be the click speed, click type, etc. Although it can be a little hard without any guide. Here we are with this simple step by step guide to help you with that:

Step#1: Firstly set a custom hotkey to start/stop the clicker at your desired moment.

Step#2: Open your Auto clicker and look for the click interval.

Step#3: Set it to Zero as we need higher clicks per second.

Step#4: Then set the clicking type as double.

Step#5: Move to the mouse-clicking button and set it as right. Right-click is needed to build the blocks.

Step#6: Now open Minecraft and go to the place where you want to Godbridge.

Step#7: Point your Avatar’s cursor downwards and press the hotkey to start building.

Step#8: Now, you are at a considerable height from where Godbridging can be done. Now, without crouching, locate the cursor downward and just stand at the edge of the block. Then try to jump while moving backwards and pressing the hotkey simultaneously. Once the clicker is activated you have to jump, move backwards and place the cursor at the right spot.

Do the last step repetitively to GodBridge. However,  it is not easy and requires a lot of practice even with the Auto clicker. The steps are already told and now it depends on your grind, in how much time can you master this awesome trick.

Much more in Minecraft with Auto Clicker

Not just GodBridging but many more things you can do with an auto clicker in Minecraft. Here are some of the tasks that you can do more effectively with an auto clicker rather than manual clicking-

  • 1v1: You can become a beast at 1v1 with an auto clicker. Even with some basic weapons, you can defeat your enemies in a blink of an eye. The average clicking speed with your bare hand is about 6-10 clicks per second. Now, can you imagine how fast is 30-40 clicks per second? That’s what you get with an auto clicker: just trigger the hotkey and your enemy is already dead.
  • Breezily Bridging: You must have seen players floating vertically in the air and building blocks simultaneously, that’s what Breezily Bridging is. And it can be done super smoothly with the auto clicker. You just have to point the pointer downwards and trigger the hotkey( with the same settings as Godbridge) and boom you are floating vertically and amazing all the players around you.
  • Fishing: As you might know how much of a boring task Fishing is in Minecraft. Auto clicker is the best tool for this time-consuming activity. You can just set the left click for unlimited clicks and get your other work done while the clicker will do the fishing for you. It’s just amazing that you can be AFK and do fishing simultaneously.
  • Mining: Same as fishing, mining is also a time-consuming and never-ending process. You can just trigger the Auto clicker while you are AFK yourself or maybe just grab a cup of coffee and see how the auto clicker does mining for you. Moreover, clicker mining is tremendously fast compared to manual clicking so it’s just a more efficient way to do it.


So that’s how you Godbridge in Minecraft with the help of an auto clicker. Moreover, now you have learned the basic concept behind Godbridging and you can surely try it in other similar games with minor adjustments. We have also discussed other crucial tasks which you can do with an auto clicker which will surely keep you stand apart from other players. Auto clicker is such an excellent tool for click-based games like this that you cannot even think of.

Please Note: Autoclicking is bannable on basically all servers since it is a hack. One can get banned on bridging servers such as McPlayHD, Greev, Hypixel, etc.

One more thing which I would like to add up is that merely using an auto clicker is one thing but being good at it is another. So keep using and experimenting with it to be better. Tricks like Godbridge require some skills and reflexes to be executed perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Start practising with the steps explained and amaze your friends with this godly trick.

Aryan Pathania
Aryan Pathania
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