How to be successful in Minecraft?


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Minecraft has been an amazingly well-known game for a long time. The game has a wonderful procedurally generated existence where you can construct a house and a homestead and have pets. 

In any case, the universe of Minecraft is antagonistic as it is loaded up with zombies, creepers, and other enemy mobs that will go after you. Other than these, many managers in the game, including Warden, Ender Dragon, Elder Guardian, Wilt, and others, have an immense health bar and can deal a ton of harm. Examine some of the tips offered in this guide to survive against the threatening mobs and other dangerous ecological components on Minecraft 1.20 servers.

Tips for Playing Minecraft Successfully 

Minecraft requires a lot of skills to succeed. Below are a few tips to help you become successful with Minecraft.

Gather torches 

You ought to attempt to get torches right off the bat and have as many as possible. No one can really tell when you will be in a circumstance where lights will be essential, particularly when you wind up in a cavern. 

They light up regions in a moment and can separate sand and rock, meaning you don’t need to utilize a digging tool. Likewise, you don’t know when you will run out, so ensure you have a decent stock level.

Wear a pumpkin head to shield yourself from Endermen

Wearing a pumpkin on your head is more than surface level. Whenever you wear a pumpkin head, Endermen won’t come after you after your assault. Endermen often attack anybody who makes eye with them, and the pumpkin prevents you from doing so. 

Wearing a pumpkin can be truly valuable in regions with unfriendly mobs, as well as while battling the Ender Dragon, one of the hardest bosses in Minecraft.

Continuously watch out for mobs

Remain watchful. Every mob can be crushed in a somewhat unique battling style. Attempt to will holds with these styles in a hurry. Remember that you can overcome many mobs by utilizing cacti or lava. It is very easy for mobs to surprise you. However, a few mobs have sound signs indicating they are nearby. For good measure, always glance around to guarantee you have no mobs surrounding you.

Gather lava buckets 

Lava cans are an extraordinary wellspring of fuel for the furnace. It will keep going for quite a while, which is truly valuable for smelting. Lava is a vital ingredient in making obsidian, which is one of the most extraordinary blocks in Minecraft. By and large, you will find lava when you are mining underground. Ensure you carry a few empty containers to gather lava and take it back to your base. If you don’t have buckets, you can keep returning to the same spot to gather lava.


The game of Minecraft is both exciting and a bit challenging. To maximize your efforts, use a few of the tips discussed above. Collect some lava buckets, always look out for mobs, and collect some torches. Finally, on Minecraft 1.20 servers, you can download Minecraft for your smartphones.

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