Here’s how even you can hack Among Us in 2024 easily


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Kids of the modern digital era can easily hack Among Us in spite of the numerous anti-hacks from InnerSloth. The competitive nature of the game could be the apparent driving factor behind your child trying to hack Among Us. It’s a multi-platform online strategy game that successfully became one of the top downloaded games in 2021.

In the game, the players play as crewmates with the goal of completing their assigned tasks while ‘one’ imposter tries to sabotage them. It definitely requires more than just raw gaming skills to outsmart opponents and gain a competitive edge over them. One needs to put all of their deductive skills to brainstorm and win a round. This has led gamers into searching for various ways to hack Among Us and other popular games like Roblox.

With ever-increasing popularity, people started trying various ways to hack Among Us and installing mod versions to cheat that are obviously not devoid of hackable vulnerabilities. Consequently, hacks like getting imposter always, wallhacks, speeds hacks, item hacks, etc, have started to become more and more common in the game.

Do you want to know how anyone can hack Among Us in 2023? After our extensive research, we have compiled a list of the available hacks and how to use them. Let’s take a look at them.

How to hack Among Us?

There exists a variety of ways in which people are trying to hack Among Us. These hacks take advantage of the simple infrastructure of the game, utilizing even the tiniest vulnerability and glitch.

How To Hack Among Us Using Always Imposter

There are certain hacks using which players can increase their chances of getting imposter. This can give them an unfair advantage. Usually, players hack Among Us to become imposters in the following steps:

  • First, host a new game and set the Imposter number to Max Three.
  • Go to Customization and select the Red colour for your character.
  • After this, just choose a hat and keep rotating the hat till the round begins.
  • Your chances of getting Imposter will now increase significantly.
  • If the above steps don’t work, try restarting the game and switching up the colour of your character to green. For some reason, Among Us favour Red/Green players to become imposters more than the other colours.

    How to hack Among Us Kill Cooldown?

    The Kill Cooldown time is there in the game so that imposters can not eliminate crew members consecutively. But hackers have managed a way to hack Among Us and kill cooldown time as well. Doing this is relatively easy as well.

    1. Download the latest 2023 hacked or MOD version of Among Us and install it.
    2. These modded apks of the game usually offer you unlimited access to all the features, skills and items within the game.
    3. Simply run the cheat before launching Among Us and you’re done!
    4. The hacker can now get bypass the kill cooldown in the game and kill crewmates without needing to wait.

    How to hack Among Us and unlock all skins?

    Players of Among Us have a set of skins and other beautifiers to customize their character.  But the good-looking skins usually cost you money. In order to hack Among Us and get free skins, follow the steps below carefully.

    1. Players first need the Among Us mod version from a trusted site.
    2. Open Among Us and join a public or private lobby.
    3. Go to the laptop in the game and tap on ‘Customize’.
    4. Now choose any paid skin you like and tap on the ‘Dollar’ sign.
    5. You can now use the skin from the inventory in your matches.

    Are there any more abilities of Among Us Hacked app?

    Downloading a modded version of Among Us can unlock a whole new world of skills for you. These give hackers a serious advantage, effectively making the game very one-sided. Using a hacked apk will give you access to Among Us Radar hacks, Speed hacks, Infinite Range & Sabotage, the ability to kill imposter, wallhacks, etc.

    If any hacker can time the steps right and use the modded apk discreetly, the chances of him getting banned is severely low. Although the game developers of Among Us continue to build greater layers of security and hack-detention capabilities, there is no decrease in the players relying on Among Us hacks and cheats.

    Latest news of hacks in Among Us

    Recently, players of Among Us began to face issues while connecting to its servers. Innersloth soon had to take their servers down to deal with the problem. Later, it came to light that the issues were the consequent result of a DDoS attack over the North American and European servers.

    Upon research, it was found that players had started to look for ways to hack Among Us within weeks of the game’s initial release. Back in 2020, the trending hack of filling lobbies with bots to spam messages after which players would be despawned and left in a black room already hit the headlines of mobile gaming. Presently, you can hack Among us over any platform including Android, PC, XBOX, and iOS.

    In fact, the crux of the security bugs is that the servers of Among Us are not yet designed to validate information sent by the game client of a player. This is one of the most basic safeguards against hacks and cheats present in all the popular games of today.

    Anyone with some basic computer coding knowledge even can use dnSpy and IL2CPP tools to hack Among Us and create modded versions of it. These modded apk versions usually alter the data which is sent to the game server, keeping the hacks and cheats undiscovered.

    Final Verdict

    Considering that Innersloth only has three members on its team with limited resources, their inability to dig up and fix all the hackable vulnerabilities within Among Us is unsurprising. These hacks might not lead to data theft and leakage of personal information. The intrusion of vast numbers of hackers has ruined the fun for most of the genuine players on board. As such, the game’s future is now completely dependent on whether Innersloth can actively increase the security and anti-cheat systems within the server.


    1. Can I hack Among Us on iOS?

    You can hack Among us even on iOS devices by using game hacking tools and modded APK files. Most of the time, hacking the game on iOS requires you to use a jailbroken iOS device. But there are many tools that are available now which can be used without hacking Among Us without any jailbreak. The process to do this, however, is a lot more complex than hacking the game on Android and PC platforms.

    2. Will I get banned permanently for using Among Us hacks?

    Innersloth has continually managed to improve its cheat detection system in Among Us. If your hacking activities come under the radar of the system, you will instantly get disconnected from the server. Currently, there is no banning policy for hackers, but future improvements can permanently block you if you use Among Us hacks.

    Author’s Note: This article intends to raise general awareness and shed light on the steps to hack Among Us. We don’t support the execution of any hacks and cheats we discuss below. Remember that hacking is illegal and can have serious consequences.

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