How to eSign Your Documents Online for Free?


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More and more people are going for digital tools to manage their documents. However, the convenience of signing documents physically is still a challenge for document management platforms. To overcome this problem, we found the most advanced eSign that not only lets you manage documents but also helps you sign them digitally.

The product that we are going to share can sign any PDF within a few seconds. So, let’s start and discuss how you can sign your document online for free.


CocoSign is a web-based digital signing tool that lets you embed your signature on any document. Additionally, it lets you store and manage your documents with its cloud storage. Thus, it is a proper data management tool with digital signature service.

The application comes with a lot of useful features that improve your experience on its website. Also, they focus on keeping the platform secure by using advanced encryption with an SSL line.

Without taking more time, let us discuss how you can use this solution to sign documents online.

Step-by-Step Guide to Sign a Document Online

In this guide, we will share how you can sign any document using CocoSign’s advanced tools. Make sure to check the complete steps before trying it out.

Step1: Visit CocoSign’s Tool

The first step is to visit CocoSign’s website using the above button. On the homepage of this website, you will find a ‘Sign a PDF Document’ button. Click the button and wait for the website to open the tool.

Step2: Upload File

The next step is to upload the file on this tool. You can browse the document by selecting Choose a File option from your device. Also, you can use the other options to upload it from Google Drive, Box, DropBox, and direct URL. All these options are safe and offered for your convenience.

Tip: If you need to sign multiple documents, upload all of them on the same tool.

Step3: Review and Sign

It will show you a preview of your file. You can choose the page and area where you want to upload your signature. You can also upload initials, email address, text, date/date, or some attachments on the same page.

Then, click on the Signature option and upload your signature on the website. You can also use the direct touch or digital pen to embed your signature.

Step4: Download

After adding the signature or initials, click on the next and it will edit your file within a second or two. You can now click the download button to download the file. Another option is to send the file directly to an email address.

Thus, consider your requirements and choose the option accordingly.

Features offered by CocoSign

Here are some of the features you can enjoy on this platform.

1.   Sign Documents Instantly

The design of this application focuses on providing the most reliable way to sign documents online. It lets you save your signature on your CocoSign account and add them to any document instantly. Additionally, uploading a file lets you choose the area to embed your signature without additional editing.

To make it more accessible, its website works with all the latest devices and supports all web browsers.

2.   Control Sequence

Some documents require two or more signatures to become valid. Additionally, the sequence is crucial as the signatures of managers and board members are attached only if the contract is checked by the managers and concerned parties.

Therefore, CocoSign lets you control the sequence of signatures and provides an easy option to add multiple sections for them. After signing the document, users can easily share it through email to get the remaining signatures from others.

3.   Easy Tracking

Here is the most interesting feature of this website. When you sign and share a document with someone, you can track the updates on the document to find out who has already signed the document. It eliminates the need to follow up with clients to get timely updates regarding the contract.

This feature is available for registered users of this platform. To try this feature, you can check out its 14-day free trial plan.

4.   Cloud Storage

As we mentioned earlier, it is not limited to digital signatures as you can also store your documents on your CocoSign account. It lets you manage your documents in a proper way that makes it much easier to track the updates of a contract.

With its latest integrations, you can connect your account with Google Drive for a better sharing option.

Access to Unlimited Templates

If you find it difficult to draft contracts, you can use the templates available on its website. CocoSign offers thousands of templates for different types of contracts to help you avoid all the editing work. With these templates, you can simply enter your terms and get the signature of the concerned parties with its eSign tool.

This tool is helpful in different situations as generating a quick contract is much easier with its templates. You will find templates in some categories like business, real estate, finance, personal & family, and some uncategorized ones. The surprising thing is that you can find thousands of templates under these categories for free.

Therefore, you won’t need to use any editor to generate these contracts anymore. You can learn more about the templates by logging in to its website. All you need is to edit a document and embed your signatures digitally.


It is important to use an encrypted platform to sign a digital copy. The reason is simple- No one wants to compromise confidential data due to some unverified platform or eSigning tool. Here we shared a trusted platform to manage and sign documents digitally.

It may not be the most advanced tool to sign documents. But the security and privacy that you enjoy on this platform are unmatchable. Thus, we recommend CocoSign as the perfect solution to sign your contracts digitally.

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