How Does Quiet Server Cabinet Work?


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Network systems stand as the ‘heart’ of modern businesses and enterprises. IT systems cope with complicated calculations and generate solutions quicker than humans. However, when processing large volumes of information, hardware tends to work loudly and emit much noise. If equipment is placed next to people or in crowded areas, this can pose a problem.

In such cases, it is not enough to mount components in a server cabinet. Here, it is necessary to use special models or soundproof bodies. A soundproof server rack is characterized by reinforced enclosures with high noise-deadening combinations.

Trumps of Noise-Deadening Server Products

Modern manufacturers offer a great diversity of models. Noise-deadening server furniture has the next advantages:

  1. Reduce the level of noise. The main purpose set before sound-deadening cabinets are to absorb noise and prevent it from leaving the enclosure. As it is clear from its name, furniture has reinforced constructions that do not allow noise to leave the body. Special materials are used to make systems work silently.
  2. Achieve ideal server room temperature. By reducing loudness, constructions also allow for stabilizing and maintaining optimal climatic conditions. Being solidly closed and assembled, the inner space is prevented from disturbing. Thus, it is easy to arrange an inner environment and control heat.
  3. Opportunities for the use of passive and active cooling techniques. Enclosed constructions are equipped with all the needed slots for the mounting of fans and other cooling devices. If some holes are not used, they are plugged in with special accessories.
  4. Space saving. A soundproof server cabinet has a multi-layer construction, which allows for placing devices on several tiers providing more effective space allocation and improving room ergonomics.
  5. Easy and quick setup. No special skills are required to assemble a cabinet. Furniture has a clear manual, which is enough to mount a product and arrange a system.
  6. Improve server acoustics. Soundproofing perfectly copes with all acoustic issues. The level of loudness is reduced, and no noise is heard. Hardware functions steadily.
  7. Customization. Soundproof furniture is suitable for all sorts of premises and needs. Due to a great selection of models, it is possible to accommodate both compact and large systems.

For workplaces like home offices, enterprises, banks, and other locations where employees are working close to computer systems, a server model that’s designed to resist noise can be an ideal solution. Such a model can help ensure that the systems function smoothly and without interruption, even when there’s a lot of background noise or other distractions in the environment.

Principle of Soundproof Server Rack Work

Technicians use specialized materials that perfectly abort noise, reducing loudness. There are several common ways to enhance the absorption barrier of server furniture:

  • use thick noise-resistant metal for cabinet production;
  • add sound-absorbing materials and thicken walls and doors;
  • apply sprays and other chemical compounds to create an absorbing barrier for noise.

In any case, the principle implies the need to use additional materials for making surfaces thicker since noise is better absorbed when it goes through thick layers of multi-material barriers.

Is It Possible to Pump the Furniture Barrier Yourself?

What if you have a cabinet that absorbs sound poorly? Should you replace it and buy another one? Or can one soundproof furniture himself? Fortunately, most models are favorable to DIY soundproofing. However, if you want to cope with the technology, make sure to study a step-by-step guide and learn all subtleties of the process.

  1. Study what materials are used for soundproofing. Find out compositions and benefits. Compare them and choose the most suitable material.
  2. Use screws to disassemble a server cabinet.
  3. Measure panels and cut the required pieces of materials.
  4. Use a special glue for material application. Leave it for hardening.
  5. Use cage nuts, screws, and other fasteners to assemble a soundproof server enclosure.
  6. Install equipment in the cabinet.

Note that additional layers of soundproofing materials occupy space. Thus, you should make sure that adding them won’t influence the system layout. Remember to leave extra space between panels and equipment for free air circulation.

TOP Materials for Reinforcing Noise Absorption

When dealing with improving the level of sound absorption, specialists usually use several types of materials. These include:

  1. Mass-loaded vinyl. Layers of this material are attached to the inner sides of rack enclosures. Layers are rather thin and do not occupy much space inside bodies. The material copes with sound deadening perfectly.
  2. Noise adsorbing mats are thin flexible but high-quality effective materials that cope with all sorts of sounds. Mats do not allow the sound to pass through. They are applied to doors and side panels with glue and left to harden for some time.
  3. A rubberized undercoating spray is a modern chemical compound applied to metal surfaces. By spraying the mixture onto cabinet walls, the combination of chemicals creates a thin rubberized layer upon drying. Although the layer is extremely thin, it deadens sound effectively.
  4. Acoustic foam is a thick material that makes surfaces thicker and hardens sound penetration. The main benefit of this option is its low cost. It is the cheapest option among all the mentioned solutions.

It is worth noting that there are numerous ways to tailor soundproofing techniques to suit your furniture, which can involve using a combination of different solutions and materials. This opens up the possibility of achieving complete silence in any given location without the need to invest in a specialized soundproof rack cabinet or worrying about disturbing nearby employees.

The modern infrastructure is rich in diverse solutions for improving room and furniture sound deadening. The application of specialized chemical compounds helps reduce the level of emitted noise and avoid the need to move server cabinets.

Moreover, if you have a well-functioning cabinet that copes with equipment accommodation, there is no need to throw it out. Just reinforce its body with the above-mentioned materials and continue using it. If you can’t choose a suitable solution, consult specialists. They will help develop the best approach for soundproofing your model. However, remember that extra space is required for additional layers.

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