How Do Video Games Affect Casual Relationships?


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Video games are a reflection of society as a whole. When we see changes in how society operates or views a certain group of people, those changes are included in the newest generation of video games. How does this impact relationships, though? What changes have we seen in the acceptance of casual relationships, and how have they worked their way into video games? We’ll show you several ways video games have affected causal relationships. To mend ways, either of the partners can think of gifting a promise ring

Online Gaming Couples and their Relationships 

People who love video games tend to find each other in a variety of ways. Going to gaming conventions and hanging out in video game stores are common ways people have met in the past. Yet, as time has gone on, people who love gaming and are looking for casual relationships have discovered that the better option is to use online dating services.

That way, you can get the specialty outcomes you desire, such as meeting a couple who wants a casual date with you or being part of a couple looking for a single person. Either way, unicorn dating provides gamers with a way to make casual connections with other people. Unicorn dating allows people who want to seek couples and those wanting to add one more to their couple to quickly and easily find attractive individuals with whom they have plenty in common.

Polygamy in Digital Media

An interesting thing about the idea of unicorn dating is that it’s starting to see more representation in the world of video games and other digital media. We see increased interest in television shows that delve into the topic, such as Polyamory: Married & Dating.

Millions of people have tuned into those shows to learn about polygamy and how those relationships work. Although television shows have become very popular about the topic, many shows don’t talk about the casual dating side of things. The entire concept of unicorn dating is predicated on short-term relationships with people who have a casual interaction with a couple and then move on to other partners over time.

Polygamy relationships are long-lasting, but they can still integrate a unicorn. In the future, more television shows might add short-term poly couples to their programs’ stories.

Games as a Bridge Between Different Types of Relationships

Interestingly enough, video games can create a bridge that spans different sorts of relationships. Now, some people might doubt the implications of video games and romance, but the impact is actually far-reaching. For one thing, people have found romantic partners in video game lobbies and chat and then turned those digital connections into lasting relationships.

Examples include World of Warcraft, Runescape, EVE Online, and many other MMO sorts of games. Video games can act as a bridge between the real and digital worlds, but they can also help expose people to different sorts of relationships. Video game relationships are a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy whereby video games feature certain relationships, exposing people to them and making players want to experience new sorts of romantic connections. Thus, if more video games show off poly relationships, more people could be open to the experience!

Video Games That Let You Date Multiple Characters

Many video games have been released since the 1990s that feature romance systems that allow you to date multiple people. These games are often developed in Japan, where it’s common to have a “harem” fantasy where one guy or girl is dating many others. Take a look at some of the seminal works for video games that support polyamory.

  • Azure Dreams

Azure Dreams is a PlayStation game that puts you in the shoes of a young adventurer tasked with reaching the top of a massive tower. He starts to improve his town along the way, and he attracts multiple female partners from which you have to choose!

  • Fable 3

The Fable 3 dating system allows you to approach numerous NPCs throughout the game and date them. Although the characters don’t interact with each other, you can be truly poly in this game.

  • The Sims 3

The Sims 3 lets you date a vast number of other characters! The newest iteration of the game even lets you get into LGBT dates along with multiple partners!

  • Story of Seasons

This farming simulator puts you in a small town with many eligible women. You can woo them all, but you can only marry one!

  • Stardew Valley

Just like Story of Seasons, you can date many women in Stardew Valley. You must still pick one partner to marry.

The chance to date multiple people is highly exciting in the context of modern video games!

Modern video games have a noticeable impact on the way that people romantically think about relationships. With more video games featuring poly dating, society and increasing numbers of video games can reflect the desire to be with multiple people. Don’t be surprised if you start finding more people who love video games on your unicorn website!

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