Google’s new feature “Circle to Search” bummer is here! It’s limited to Pixel and Galaxy for at least October


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During the unveiling of the Galaxy S24 series, which includes the Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, Samsung introduced several AI features. One notable feature is Circle to Search, developed in collaboration with Google. Interestingly, Google added the feature “Circle to Search” to its Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro in the January update a day after Samsung’s event, and it has been progressively rolling out to users since then.

The widely popular Circle to Search feature, enabling users to search for objects like images by circling them with their fingertips, comes with a caveat. Contrary to expectations, if you were hoping for its availability on other Android devices from different brands, Samsung has confirmed that Circle to Search will remain exclusive to Google and Samsung devices until at least October.

Google's new feature "Circle to Search" bummer is here! It's limited to Pixel and Galaxy for at least October

In simple terms, the “browse search” feature is limited to Pixel and Galaxy devices until at least October of this year. While Samsung has hinted at the possibility of future availability for other manufacturers’ models, there are currently no indications of active development. Thus, the prospect of this feature being accessible on Android smartphones beyond Pixel and Galaxy remains uncertain at present.

The question arises are Google and Samsung under the impression that consumers would opt for an S24 or Pixel 8 primarily for the exclusive Circle to Search feature? If not, what could be the rationale behind limiting this feature to their respective devices?

Manufacturers strategically reserve certain features for specific devices or brands to stand out in a competitive market, a common practice even though it may disappoint users without access to these features. Exclusive partnerships are often established for promotional purposes.

In the case of Google and Samsung, making Circle to Search exclusive to Pixel and Galaxy devices serves as a marketing tactic to encourage consumers to choose their products over competitors, potentially boosting sales.

However, this exclusivity may cause frustration among users who prefer devices from other manufacturers and could lead to tensions with Android device makers feeling left out. Companies often weigh potential benefits, such as increased sales and brand loyalty, against these drawbacks.

The impact on the overall market share of Android smartphones is uncertain. While exclusivity may attract some users to Pixel or Galaxy devices, it could also prompt others to explore alternative platforms. The Android ecosystem has traditionally been praised for its openness and diverse device choices, so any shift toward exclusivity may face criticism.

The success of such strategies ultimately depends on consumer response and whether the benefits of exclusive features outweigh the drawbacks. Moreover, features initially reserved for specific devices might become more widely available in the future as partnerships evolve or the market landscape changes.

Google's new feature "Circle to Search" bummer is here! It's limited to Pixel and Galaxy for at least October

About Google’s new feature “Circle to Search”

Google has outlined 5 primary functionalities of Circle to Search in a recent blog post:

Shopping for Items Seen Online

Users can circle or scribble over product images, enabling them to discover shopping options from various online sources. This feature streamlines price comparisons and simplifies the process of purchasing items spotted on social media or in videos.

Looking Up Definitions

The feature allows users to highlight words or phrases, giving them quick access to definitions and relevant background information without needing to leave the current app.

Travel Inspiration

By circling interesting buildings or landmarks observed in videos or posts, users can identify and gather additional details, offering inspiration for future travel plans.

Comparing Options

Users can highlight names of restaurants, stores, or other options mentioned in texts or chats, providing access to information such as menus, reviews, and locations for more informed decision-making.

Asking Complex Questions

Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, Circle to Search provides an overview to answer broader questions about trending topics or items that have sparked curiosity. This functionality is designed to enhance the user’s ability to seamlessly explore complex inquiries.

For content creators and SEO professionals, this feature creates a chance to optimize written and visual content for better visibility through gesture searches.

As Circle to Search is gradually introduced to a wider audience, it will be fascinating to witness how it influences search patterns and shapes the strategies employed to address the changing needs of users. In the meantime, developing content that is mobile-friendly and anticipates users’ desire for rapid access to information could serve as a competitive edge in this dynamic scenario.

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