Garmin Forerunner update 18.22 has heart rate tracking issues! Here are a few workarounds


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Garmin Forerunner update 18.22 update was rolled out for its smartwatch lineup, including the Forerunner 255, 265, 955, and 965 models. The update from version 17.xx to 18.xx for the Forerunner 965 was highly anticipated and a significant one, with Garmin Forerunner update 18.22 bringing nearly 24 changes. It introduced several new features and enhancements, and bug fixes in the user interface and system, as well as updating mobile translations.

Additionally, specific issues were also addressed, such as a bug that caused the device to crash when swiping left to dismiss certain smart home notifications, and another bug that resulted in truncated text appearing on map navigation fields.

Moreover, the Garmin Forerunner update introduces new features, including a nationwide track database, a Lap Undo button, a jump rope activity, a Sleep Coach glance, and male voice audio prompts. Despite these enhancements, Garmin has only completed 50% of the rollout for Software Version 18.22, and there is currently no confirmation on when the update will be available for the remaining Forerunner 965 smartwatches.

However, despite the Garmin Forerunner update mentioning “improved optical heart rate performance” as one of the fixes, a few users are experiencing issues with inconsistent optical heart rate data after installing the update, especially in cold weather conditions. Some users who have installed the update are also experiencing the opposite effect, with a noticeable decrease in the reliability of their heart rate data. This means that the heart rate measurements provided by the watch may not be as accurate or reliable as expected.

What is the Garmin Forerunner update heart rate tracking issue?

Several owners of the Forerunner smartwatch, especially the Forerunner 965 model, have voiced complaints on the official Garmin forum regarding the accuracy of heart rate measurements during physical activities like running.

One user shared a concerning experience during a run where their heart rate data inexplicably dropped despite increasing their pace, which contradicts normal physiological expectations. The user expected their heart rate to be between 180-190 beats per minute (bpm) during intense activity but instead recorded an average of 133 bpm, raising doubts about the reliability of the heart rate monitor.

Garmin Forerunner update 18.22 has heart rate tracking issues! Here are a few workarounds

Similar experiences were observed during testing with the Forerunner 955, showing unexpected drops in heart rate during running. These issues emerged around a week ago, coinciding with the release of firmware Garmin Forerunner update 18.22.

Garmin Forerunner update 18.22 has heart rate tracking issues! Here are a few workarounds

During the beta testing phase of the software update for Garmin Forerunner smartwatches, users encountered issues with the accuracy of heart rate measurements. Despite these issues being identified, Garmin decided to proceed with the public rollout of the software update, leading to frustrations among users.

To mitigate the problem, some users have opted to use a chest strap heart rate monitor instead of relying on the optical heart rate sensor in the Forerunner watches, indicating a lack of confidence in the built-in sensor’s accuracy. Additionally, some users have noted that the issue seems to worsen in cold weather conditions, suggesting that environmental factors may impact the sensor’s performance.

These complaints also extend to other functions of the watch, with users mentioning issues related to sleep and stress monitoring. Garmin must address these concerns promptly to ensure that users can trust the data provided by their Forerunner smartwatches for their health and fitness tracking needs.

Are there Garmin Forerunner update heart rate tracking issue workarounds?

Garmin has acknowledged the heart-tracking glitch on its Forerunner smartwatches and is actively working to resolve it. While a fix has not yet been released, the company is investigating the problem. A Garmin forum moderator has reached out to affected users, requesting permission to examine their Garmin Connect data to help identify and address the bug.

The fact that this issue was present during the beta testing phase has led to scrutiny of Garmin’s quality control processes. In the meantime, users who prioritize accurate heart rate monitoring are advised to consider using a chest strap heart rate monitor, as it is currently the most reliable solution for accurate heart rate data. Additionally, depending on the device, users may explore the option of rolling back to a previous firmware version, although this may not be possible for all Garmin models.

While it’s not uncommon for updates to occasionally introduce unexpected problems, Garmin Forerunner update 18.22 heart rate tracking anomalies need to be addressed promptly. Users rely on their Forerunner smartwatches for accurate health and fitness tracking, and any disruptions to this functionality can be frustrating.

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