Gaming and Culture: How Gaming Affects Modern-Day Society


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The latest neurological studies have shown that playing video games continuously without becoming addicted improves the brain’s cognitive abilities.

These benefits of gaming also affect modern-day society (our culture) as it has enhanced various aspects of our lives. Below, we will see the positive effects of gaming on society.

Improved Cognitive Abilities

The latest neurological studies have shown that playing video games continuously without becoming addicted improves the brain’s cognitive abilities. Studies such as the one by the International University of Texas A&M indicated that they improve visual attention and memory. Still, it has also been shown that they can improve cognitive flexibility and decision speed.

Reflection of Society

Video games are also an increasingly faithful reflection of society. They are currently introducing new themes, best mobile pokies 2022 and including characters representing previously marginalized groups in the sector who had no representation in video games.

Video Game Addiction?

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the use of addictive video games is considered a disorder. Thus, it is suffered by those who present “a pattern of persistent or recurrent gambling behavior that can be online or offline.”

The symptoms are manifested by the “deterioration in control over the game,” the “increase in the priority given to the game,” which comes before “other interests and activities of daily life”, and the “continuation or increase of game even though it has negative consequences.”

How Much Do Video Games Influence Our Modern Life?

It has been decades since its first appearance, but video games still generate great controversies within most societies. Its possible bad influences on young people and the creation of bad habits appear within the most criticized ranges. Now, is that true?

Since those old games like Pac-man or Tetris, video games have been gaining space in our lives, taking over much of our free time and providing us with great entertainment without making too much effort. Just by choosing a comfortable seat, you can turn your house into a world full of adventures, fantasies, or even play jackpots.

An old problem that video games bring with them is the debate between educators and parents about the influence that this type of entertainment has on the behaviour of young people. Some positions indicate that video games can lead to little physical activity, violent attitudes that imitate war/action games, or a lack of interest in school homework.

These positions are often more myths than realities since no reliable statistics demonstrate these data. Especially if we consider that recently online games have emerged that have shown a high level of complexity and are considered works of art in modern society.

With advanced graphics and complex stories that test the intellect of the youngest, many video games serve as an excellent gateway to the adult and work world, which is full of competition, and rivalries. It is also where ambition together with strategy play a predominant role in achieving certain objectives.

In that direction, decision-making in many online games takes place in minutes and even seconds, so many young people will form their character and be prepared to exercise decision-making in the future. In addition, some video games offer the possibility of playing in teams, so their leadership role and negotiating skills will also be put to the test.

As you can see, this type of entertainment, especially if we consider online games, has reached a great mass after the development of the Internet. In that sense, more adults turn to them, taking advantage of their leisure time or downtime. Surely you have noticed several passengers on public transport playing on their cell phones.

Video games carry a bad reputation that they do not deserve. While any pastime done in excess has its negative consequences, a little entertainment never hurts anyone. More if it helps you exercise skills that will be of great use to you in real life.

Hi, I am Anurag Chawake, a passionate writer from New Delhi, India. I enjoy writing on topics such as general news, technology, and gaming. When I am not working, you can find me playing video games.


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