Game Titles You Didn’t Know You Could Play on Mobile


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Though mobile gaming is the biggest hit in the gaming world this year, and the industry is still growing, it’s a challenge to transition from PC to mobile for a lot of dedicated PC gamers. Mobile gaming used to be a genre in which game titles were released for PC and console and cobbled together at high speed if the demand for a mobile version was strong enough. Graphics were grainy, and the gameplay was glitchy and lagged a lot. The PC versions of the same games were flawless, with excellent playability and the sharpest graphics. Things have changed in the game industry. These days, mobile versions of new releases are almost a standard part of game development, and the quality of both gaming phones and mobile titles is just as high as PC and consoles. From online bingo to the Sims to Ark, the options are endless.

Even with all the advances in mobile gaming, some PC gamers are still not entirely comfortable with trying out a new method of playing. To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together a list of some beloved PC titles that you probably didn’t know you could play on mobile!


Fortnite was such a massive hit on PC that it was really only a matter of time before it moved over to mobile as well. Since 2017 this awesome, high-speed battle royale game from Epic has been the go-to of many deducted gamers. You and 99 other players are hurled to earth and land in an island paradise. As soon as you touch the ground, the carnage ensues. It’s survival of the fittest as each player battles the environment and the other players to be the last one standing. You’ll pick up interesting gadgets and weapons along the way, and with a bit of luck and some excellent fighting skills, you’ll make it to the end. The mobile version of this game runs just as smoothly as the PC version: an ideal mobile game. The graphics are high color and well-detailed.

Sims 4

The Sims franchise is one of the best known ever to have been released in the history of gaming. Many Sims fans have long assumed that the game was only for console and PC, but thankfully, you can also play it on mobile! In Sims 4, you get the usual Sims activities, but you also get an added bonus; you can play gambling games in the Sims world! Casino games were first introduced to the Sims world in Sims 3 at the Lucky Simoleon Casino. The Sims 4 mobile game has the Get-Together expansion pack that offers you trips to a nightclub and arcade machines as well. Whether you like gambling or other regular Sims lifestyle activities, Sims 4 is just as much fun to play on mobile as on console or PC.

Ark: Survival Evolved

As far as survival games go, Ark is top tier. If PUBG, Rust, and Jurassic Park had a baby, this would be the result. Because the world is so huge and there’s a lot of rendering to do as you move through the map, lots of gamers assume this game is simply too much for a mobile phone. Thankfully that’s not the case, and you can explore this dinosaur-filled island from your phone. In Ark, you can tame the beasts you come across, build any kind of base that makes sense to you, and explore the outer reaches of the incredibly extensive, though slightly scaled-down maps. Nothing is lost in graphics and abilities in the jump from PC to mobile.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

While some versions of the beloved GTA are still too powerful for mobile, San Andreas works like a dream on modern mobile phones. The rules are out the window in this game. Any version of GTA is all about causing as much mayhem and chaos as humanly possible and staying alive through the thick of it; the city is your oyster! GTA 3 and Vice City are also currently available for mobile, but San Andreas is the standard for playing this game on your phone. The visuals, the detail in the game, and the character’s personalities (especially the crazy ones) all contribute to making GTA what it is; an industry leader. Rockstar Games are the world leaders in this sort of open-world title, and we highly doubt anyone will ever supplant them.


With those little plink-plink sounds that we know so well (and come to despise if you live with a Minecraft player but you’re not one yourself), the purposefully pixelated, perfectly retro graphics: Minecraft is the perfect game to play on the go. When the pocket edition of this game initially launched, the world was far more called down for mobile than it is today. As the capabilities of mobile gaming devices grew, so did the Minecraft world you could explore with them. This collaborative game is perfect for all ages.

Wrap Up

If you’re trying out mobile gaming as a PC gamer, there are some great options to try to make you feel right at home as you make the switch.

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Cody Rhodes
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