Fortnite’s Sign in error code AS-3 is under investigation! Here are possible workarounds


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For the past few days, Fortnite players have been grappling with a frustrating Sign-in error code AS-3 that hinders their login attempts. The frustration is growing amongst Fortnite players, especially after the ‘AS-3’ error started popping up after the latest Fortnite OG Season 6 update. Gradually the error code AS-3 has gained substantial attention within the gaming community.

For those who have been able to get past the login of Fortnite, PC players are reporting performance issues, with many unable to access the game for an extended period. This marks the second major problem of the season, following the “waiting in queue screen” predicament experienced on the launch day. While Epic Games is working to fix these issues, a more permanent solution may take some time to implement.

What is Fortnite’s Launcher login error ‘AS-3’ code?

Fortnite players are currently grappling with a vexing obstacle that prevents them from logging into the game, known as the ‘AS-3’ error. The reports of players getting signed out of the launcher have started coming from the world over. This AS-3 error consistently emerges when they attempt to launch the game through the Epic Games Launcher. Many players have reported encountering a message that initially states, “Please wait while we update,” only to be met with the frustrating ‘AS-3’ error shortly thereafter.

Even after doing the basic troubleshooting steps like turning off the firewall, powering down the PC, unplugging the modem/restarting the router, and reconnecting the internet, the issue could not be resolved. The root cause of this issue remains shrouded in uncertainty, but there are speculations that it may be associated with various factors, including third-party software, network connection settings, or potential interference from VPNs or proxy servers. The ‘AS-3’ error is essentially categorized as a network connection error that arises during the utilization of the Epic Games Launcher. It can be triggered by a multitude of issues, ranging from problems with your internet connection to potential hiccups on Epic Games’ servers, or even network configuration settings on your own computer.

In essence, the ‘AS-3’ error is causing significant impediments for Fortnite players attempting to access the game, and its precise source may be attributed to a combination of factors. Given its nature as a network connection error, players may need to delve into their own system settings and configurations to effectively address and resolve this frustrating issue.

How to fix Fortnite’s Sign in error ‘AS-3’ code?

In more positive news, devs at Epic Games have issued an official statement acknowledging the login error ‘AS-3’ code issue. They have offered a temporary workaround, and on the sidelines, the gaming community has devised additional solutions to assist players in resolving these problems. These alternatives have the potential to help players regain access to the classic Fortnite experience.

The temporary solution provided by Epic Games, suggests that players restart their Wi-Fi router or temporarily connect through a mobile hotspot and then switch back to their router. It indicates that the ‘AS-3’ error might be due to issues with network connectivity or settings.

This recommendation aims to address potential network-related issues that could be causing the error. Restarting the router and briefly connecting through a mobile hotspot can refresh the network connection and potentially resolve any issues that might be preventing players from accessing the game.

Apart from the workarounds suggested by devs, here are a few temporary solutions from the Fortnite community who are actively collaborating to find workarounds for the ‘AS-3’ error issue.

  1. Using a VPN to sign into the game: Some players have found success using a VPN to access the game. However, it’s crucial to be aware of the potential consequences, as using a VPN for gaming might violate the game’s terms of service, and Epic Games could take action against users who employ VPNs to log in.
  2. Uninstalling and reinstalling the Epic Launcher: Reinstalling the Epic Games Launcher is another solution that players have tried, which can be effective in resolving issues related to corrupted or missing files.
  3. Closing all other applications before launching the game: Given that the issue might be associated with third-party software, closing all other applications before launching Fortnite could help mitigate the ‘AS-3’ error on PC.
  4. Waiting for a hotfix: If none of the previous methods prove successful, waiting for a hotfix from Epic Games is a viable option. The most recent hotfix was implemented on November 9, 2023, which is when players began experiencing the ‘AS-3′ error. The next expected hotfix is on November 17, 2023, but an early hotfix may be released if the issue continues to impact a significant number of players. Players can also anticipate updates via Epic Games’ social media channels once the problem is resolved.

The community’s efforts in sharing potential solutions are greatly appreciated, and players can select the method that best suits their specific situation. However, it’s important to exercise caution, particularly when it comes to actions like using a VPN, as it may have consequences regarding the game’s terms of service.

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