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Fire Force Chapter 279 Spoilers, Release and More!

The manga Fire Force is the output of genius Atsushi Okubo and has turned out to be one of Shonen Magazine’s latest hits. Kondasha had confirmed a couple of months ago about its record-breaking milestone of 16 million copies in circulation. The figure reportedly doubled over the last year and a half, majorly due to Fire Force Season 2. The figures obviously underline the great support Okubo has received over the past 6 years.

Atsushi Okhubo(Of Soul Eater and Soul Eater Not) had commenced the serialization in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Jump on September 25, 2015. It took him 4 years of hard work before his baby received an anime adaptation curated by David Production. Season 2 ended in December 2020 and fans are now rooting for Fire Force Season 3 anime.

At the moment 29 tankonbon volumes of the manga are available in Japan. It will be coming out with its 30th volume (Fire Force Chapter 279) on 17th August. It has been a year since when Fire Force plot had entered the final narrative arc. Based on the plan by the mangaka, very little can be anticipated in the showdown between Brigade 8 and the White Hoods. The manga is likely to come to an end in 2022.

Fire Force Chapter 279 Spoilers

Fire Force Chapter 278 is titled ‘Setting Off’ and is a part of the Great Cataclysm Arc. The chapter sees the doppelganger on a rampage, destroying the city. Obi and his team need to move to a different area to help the people affected by the destruction. But as they begin to move, the Assault stands in their way. As it turns out, Tamaki’s Lucky Lure is also ineffective against him.

The fight rages till the arrival of the Juggernaut, Takeru Noto. He wants to protect all that is important to him and is ready to take on the Assault.

The next chapter of the Fire Force manga will see the upcoming battle between the Juggernaut and the Assault. While a lot of people are hoping Tamaki will get a chance to be the hero of the fight, the Assault’s Doppelganger’s power levels are grossly mismatched and would result in certain death. Tamaki’s abilities don’t seem to be making an impact and the battle is only getting more intense. The next chapter will begin with The Assault versus Juggernaut!

When can I read Fire Force Chapter 279 in English?

Fire Force Chapter 279 will release on Sunday, August 17th at 12 pm JST, available for free. The manga chapters will be released on the official website. Fire Force chapters can also be accessed on Kodanshacomics.com and Viz.com. For Global readers, the time of the release of the English version will differ:

  • 9 AM PDT (Pacific Daylight Time ) /11:00 AM CDT
  • 5 PM BST (UK Daylight Saving Time)
  • 6 PM European Time CEST
  • 9:30 PM IST

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