Features To Keep in Mind When Designing Led Shoebox Pole Light for Outdoor Parking Lot


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At the point when you are arranging the lighting format for an outdoor parking lot, there are a lot of contemplations. If the lighting isn’t appropriate or dim, it may bring about a lot of issues. It will expand dangers for everybody. Here are a few factors to think about when designing outdoor led shoebox pole lights.

Zero in on Photometric Analysis

One of the main things you should consider is getting a photometric analysis. The lighting design and reenactment will help in having the best lighting design, so the region is appropriately lit. Utilizing the product, the parking lot lighting is organized at various bar points and powers. This uses the isoline graph and bogus color to decide the lux level.

Lux or Brightness Needed for Lights in Outdoor Parking Lot

The brightness (lux) for outdoor parking lot light is quite possibly the main angle. This is because a dim light will expand the danger of mishaps and the parking lot won’t be protected. As per the standards, the parking lot light should be somewhere around 50 lux. In any case, for commercial parking lots, the light lux necessity is 200.

Should Be Anti-Glare

The parking lot lighting ought to be anti-glare. Most LED lights have an exceptional focal point covering the light to guide it to the ideal space. This makes the light without glare. Along these lines, individuals can gaze straight toward the light without being blind. It is a basic component as glare can cause the driver to feel dazzled and put the well-being of different drivers in danger.

Think about the Standard of Uniformity

Another factor you should focus on is the standard of uniformity. This is a significant angle as the security of drivers and people on foot relies upon it. The parking lot light should circulate uniform light. There ought to be no lopsided circulation of light. The uniformity can be estimated through a proportion between least to greatest lux. Suppose, the parking lot has 100 lux in the entrance and the parking region has 200 lux. In this way, the uniformity ought to be 100/200 = 0.5. Remembering this, we realize the uniformity must between 0 to 1.

Photo Sensor of Parking Lot Lights

To abstain from physically turning on and off lights, photo sensors should be utilized in parking lot lights. Sunset to-sunrise photosensor will ensure the light is turned on when there is an abatement in light force.

Should not Pollute Parking Lot

Light Pollution is a typical issue in parking lots since consideration isn’t paid to lighting design. On the off chance that the light is projecting on a space where it isn’t required, it is viewed as light contamination. Since the parking lot is close to the residential regions, the lights may be upsetting for them. To diminish the effect on encompassing residential regions, specialists suggest adding a light safeguard. This will make the light dim and lessen light contamination. Lepro led lights are the best for your pole lights and parking lots.


I trust this thorough aide will help in choosing the best parking lot lighting. LED lights are an ideal decision to enlighten the parking space since it is energy-effective, cost-saving, simple to install and keep up with. To have an impeccably lit parking lot, you should get proficient assistance.

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