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Gamers have a negative impression of the mobile gaming market due to the prevalence of predatory gacha games and low-quality licensed titles available there. However, Apple’s iOS features many excellent games, from timeless classics to innovative titles that push the boundaries of what a mobile game can be.

There’s no shortage of RPGs for iOS, just like online roulette Australia, and the finest make the most of the system. The genre is characterized by games of epic length, which is part of what makes them so enjoyable. You can dive right in, do a couple of quests, and still have much to come back to.

Final Fantasy 7

Some gamers say Final Fantasy 7 is up there with the best of them. It’s the pinnacle of the Final Fantasy series, with a grand tale, spectacular fights, and unique settings. Just the fact that it can be played on iOS is astounding.

Surprisingly, this version’s touch controls work. Touch controls make it simple to move around the relatively modest settings and direct your party in turn-based, menu-based battles.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a tactical role-playing game (RPG) with a modern twist, with a focus on player agency. The game resembles a choose-your-own-adventure novel outside of combat as you steer your Viking tribe through conflict, hunger, and the brink of extinction.

Story and total absorption are the names of the game here. In The Banner Saga, you can’t even load a save if you get defeated in battle, and the game avoids other standard RPG tropes like looting, purchasing, and selling. This is done so that you can feel like you are part of the larger, collective story of your tribe rather than just another bystander. The Banner Saga is a trilogy of underappreciated games, the first of which is an excellent entry point.

Fate/Grand Order

Based on the Fate/Stay Night visual novel series, which began in 2004, Sony’s Fate/Grand Order is one of the most successful mobile games of all time, despite having nothing to do with PlayStation. Turn-based battles and the chance to win additional characters and equipment via gacha rolls are staples of this and other mobile role-playing games.

Unlike the other games on this list, in Fate/Grand Order, you don’t control a single character or even a small group of them; instead, you take on the role of a “Master,” in charge of an entire band of heroes (knights, magicians, mages, etc.) that you can send into battle and on quests however you see fit.

Another Eden

Another version of Eden explicitly tailored for mobile use was developed. Although its visual presentation is lacking due to its use of rudimentary sprites and backdrop art, the game makes up for this with its engaging tale, memorable characters, and satisfying fighting.

As Aldo, you embark on a mission to rescue his sister from the Beast King, who plans to exploit the latent power within her to rid the world of humans and hand over Earth to the demons. By doing so, Aldo is transported to a future when humanity has only a small chance of surviving. We think Another Eden is the finest RPG for iOS, but we recognize that Fantasian is a strong contender.

Genshin Impact

Currently, Genshin Impact is among the most popular video games globally. A big, epic role-playing game with lots of content and unlocked characters from the Chinese studio MiHoYo. Genshin constantly evolves, adding new environments, playable characters, and game concepts.

Sure, it’s a gacha game, but it’s better than others. Genshin Impact can be played without ever needing to invest any money. You can complete any task at no cost and fast accumulate game cash.

Vampire’s Fall: Origins

Intriguing RPG mechanics and aesthetics come together in Vampire’s Fall: Origins. Although you have full freedom of movement in the overworld thanks to an overhead view, battles take place on a 2D plane and are turn-based, like in Darkest Dungeon. As a dark wizard attacks the town, you enlist in the local militia to help protect your community. However, fate may have other plans for you, as the title suggests.

Vampire’s Fall emphasizes player agency, much like other games on this list. You have a say in how you dress, act, and think. The gameplay is surprisingly complex for a game that was made with mobile devices in mind. This is the most daring iOS game ever created.


Magnificent dioramas, such as the one shown above, are commonplace in Fantasian. They constitute standard practice. This massive JRPG is as beautiful everywhere as it is everywhere else. Its creative lineage should convince most Final Fantasy fans to try it: Its creator, Hironobu Sakaguchi, took the helm.

From the wistful and innocent protagonists to the tactical battles and classical undertones, Sakaguchi’s fingerprints are all over this work. There’s a solid reason why Fantasian has garnered so many accolades. To reach a wider audience of gamers, we’re crossing our fingers for a release on more than only Apple Arcade, however, if you’re an Apple user, the Apple Arcade is a pretty sweet spot.

Chroma Squad

The tactical role-playing game Chroma Squad is vastly underappreciated, and it’s easy to see why. While you’ll spend some time managing the studio (creating timetables and stocking up on gear, for example), you’ll spend most of your time laughing at the game’s hilarious narrative and engaging in tactical fights.

Chroma Squad has a deep but easy battle system tailor-made for iOS, despite its cartoonish visuals and ridiculous premise. You lead an army of four (later five) Power Rangers into battle, tailoring each one’s weaponry and skills before unleashing them in coordinated strikes. Also, yeah, there are battles between enormous robots and monstrous foes.

Neverwinter Nights

Neverwinter Nights, based on the Forgotten Realms campaign of Dungeons & Dragons, is yet another example of a classic RPG making its way to the iOS, and it does remarkably well. The Enhanced Edition features updated visuals and a plethora of more content previously a paid add-on, all for no extra cost.

Neverwinter Nights takes place in the Dungeons & Dragons canon, so that the story may be too complex for new players. Even if you aren’t into fantasy, the game’s 100-hour narrative and focus on open-ended player choice with meaningful consequences make it worth a try.

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