EquityMarket365 Review 2022- Reviewing my broker


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I think I can’t be alone when I say in my EquityMarket365 review that Forex-Platforms are very confusing for beginners. They all promise you to make money, no matter how or what. You don’t even need to know anything about exchange-traded instruments. Just put some money on your account and let your robot do the trading for you!

I started by trying to find information about forex platforms on google. Just typing in “best Forex platform” resulted in thousands of results, even pages like “Best forex trading site for beginners” which are nothing but huge scam attempts.

In my EquityMarket365 review I would like to tell you that by now, I’m pretty sure that there is no best forex platform. Of course, every company has its own pros and cons and wants to make their software look like the best one, but in my opinion, it’s much more important to find out what you want from your platform.

Ask yourself

Those are some questions I asked myself before picking an appropriate one:

1. What kind of trader am I? Will you always know what to do when entering or exiting a position? Or will you need an advanced trading interface to always know what your robot is doing?

2. How much money do I have on my account right now? Do I want the perfect platform for low spreads, but at the cost of not being able to trade with all available types of orders or having a limited number of placed strategies?

3. How many instruments will I trade on this platform? And what about different timeframes or a demo account?

4. Is it important to have a mobile version of the platform, to see how the market develops wherever you are while having lunch at your favourite restaurant or during a morning jog in the park?

5. How will I react on a platform with a nice and easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) or do I like trading in command mode?

EquityMarket365 Review 2022- Reviewing my broker

I got to know this after reading multiple EquityMarket365 reviews that everybody has different needs, but the most important thing is that you find out what your individual requirements are. If you do not think about these questions beforehand, you might be surprised later by features that are simply useless for you. And you do not want to lie to yourself when picking your perfect platform, so take some time thinking about these questions before making the final decision.


It is not necessary to be an expert analyst or programmer to find out what suits your personal needs. Just pick the features you really want and leave out those that are simply not useful for you.

EquityMarket365 is a very interesting Forex-Broker for me because it has all the features I need. It’s not just that they have an easy to use GUI, several timeframes or any other amazing feature that is too long to name here. The main reason why EquityMarket365 is the perfect broker for me is their commissions!

Not only can you trade on the Metatrader-4 platform for free, but you also have multiple payment options when withdrawing your money. I would like to tell you in his EquityMarket365 review that this is extremely convenient when you want to withdraw a big amount of money because it takes only 3 days instead of 7 – 9 business days with other brokers.

In the second half of this EquityMarket365 review, we will talk about some important features separately.

EquityMarket365 Review 2022- Reviewing my broker

Security (5 Stars)

It is almost irritating to see how large the number of scammers has increased in recent years. And beginners are usually the ones who fall into these traps because they think that it’s easy to make money with forex platforms without thinking about security. At EquityMarket365, the safety of your money and personal information is guaranteed.

The platform I trade with can only be accessed after entering a unique username/password combination. No one except me knows what this password consists of, so you don’t have to worry about your account being hacked or somebody else opening positions for you without your knowledge. Apart from this, their encrypting software is constantly being updated to keep up with the latest challenges from cyber-criminals. You will find many EquityMarket365 reviews online that find this a great feature.

Tools (4 Stars)

EquityMarket365 has a lot to offer in terms of different order types and strategies available. You can even use their charting package for free and create your own trading strategies.

The platform itself can also be adjusted to your personal needs and preferences. The customizability of the Metatrader-4 allows you to change almost everything: order types, colours and formats for all chart objects or timeframes and more. Furthermore, you can also add all kinds of different technical indicators to your charts.

Customer Support (4 Stars)

EquityMarket365 has a 24/5 service available for you when you need them most. Their customer support is great in case of any queries and problems because they always come up with an effective solution for you. Some of the most common issues they have helped me with include uploading certificates, changing passwords/usernames and resetting passwords.

I would like to tell you in my EquityMarket365 review that during my time as a customer, I have never felt that their support team was not there for me when I needed them most. One thing they need to work on is that they are not available in a variety of different languages! This is only a minor setback, but I would appreciate it if they could translate their website into some other languages as well.

Transparency (5 Stars)

All the information about EquityMarket365 is available on their website. You can find out which are the minimum deposit/withdrawal limits, read their terms of service, disclaimer, and even EquityMarket365 reviews which will say a lot about this. I have no reason to doubt their reputation as a brokerage company. The only thing I would like them to change is the information they provide about their clients.

EquityMarket365 Review 2022- Reviewing my broker

Feedback (3 Stars)

I like how they have uploaded feedback from their customer reviews on their site as well. I think this is a great way to encourage transparent trading and help new clients familiarise themselves with the company. It would be even better if they provided client contact information so the new ones can learn and discuss. They should also introduce a socialising platform where clients can interact with others. I am mentioning it in my EquityMarket365 review because I really want them to work on it.

Offers (5 Stars)

EquityMarket365 offers a free Metatrader-4 platform. Their charts are very detailed which gives you access to all kinds of different technical indicators, allowing you the opportunity to develop your own trading strategies or use ones that have already been developed by professional traders. The broker also offers a basic trading account which gives newbie traders an opportunity to get used to the platform without losing a lot of money.

Crypto trading (5 Stars)

I was very confused about this area at first, but after getting in touch with their support team I found out that they offer crypto trading. This was great since I wanted to try out this type of trading! The whole process was easy and simple which made me feel safe when doing transactions. I have to say that I have had great success with crypto trading so far!

Expert Advisors (5 Stars)

There are lots of expert advisors available for free on the platform. They know all about the market and guide you in the right direction. Once I wanted to invest in stocks but was not sure when to do so. I consulted their expert advisors who gave me a lot of important information in no time! I am particularly mentioning it here in my EquityMarket365 review because this is a great way for beginners to learn the ropes in a risk-free manner. My crypto trading journey has been great because of these experts so far! I would like to tell you all through this EquityMarket365 review that I have made good profits, and the discount rates are very generous.

Low spreads (5 Stars)

EquityMarket365 has low spreads which are important for you to be able to make a profit even with small investments. The spreads can be low which means that your investment will only incur the cost of the trade. I find this very helpful, especially when it comes to making quick decisions and executing them successfully. However, if you plan to have a long position on a particular asset, do not forget to check the spread beforehand!

Mobile trading (3 Stars)

Their web version has a lot of functionality and it is easy to use. Some platforms are too complicated with lots of information, but EquityMarket365 is very simple and straightforward which makes it easy for beginner traders to learn quickly. I think they should allow mobile trading so that clients can access the platform even while on the go by introducing an app. Today, many people want to trade from their mobile devices and this would be a good way to accommodate all their needs. I read many EquityMarket365 reviews that were talking about this shortcoming.

Concluding remarks

I like this platform because it is very transparent. They offer lots of functionality and their expert advisors are helpful for trading beginners. Low spreads, free access to VPS servers, and cheap rates make EquityMarket365 a great place where you can trade with confidence but there are still some areas that I think they can improve on such as better mobile apps and socialising platforms.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.

Parth Singh
Parth Singh
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