How Do Email Templates Help You Stand Out In The Crowd


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When it comes to email marketing in 2022, your email template design has a big role to play in your success. Your brand value, the subscribers’ ability to identify your messages, and the overall tonality depend very much on how your emails look (and function.) With that being said, it is necessary to note that creating custom email templates is a tedious, technical job that requires you to invest significant time, effort, and money. In fact, building one custom email template consumes an entire team’s one full week right from the ideation to the QA approval phase.

This is, of course, a costly affair, but given the ROI and the preference it enjoys among the masses, it’s totally worth it. In this quick guide, I will walk you through the benefits of customized email templates for your 2022 email game plan. Let’s begin:

Before You Begin Customizing Your Email Templates

There are two main factors that you need to take into account before you begin with your custom email templates:

  • The desired template characteristics
  • Your ESP’s functionalities

Customization doesn’t translate to the complete independence of email design. You still need to keep in mind the limitations and boundaries of what you expect from the email. You also need to consider the level of support extended by your ESP tool.

How Do Email Templates Help You Stand Out In The Crowd

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Advantages Of Custom Email Templates That Help You Stand Out In The Crowd

In this section, we will go through some of the most desirable benefits that you can avail of from custom email templates. They are applicable to almost every industry and business size, thereby justifying the additional inputs that go into the customization process. Let’s have a closer look:

#1 Enhanced Branding And Consistency

The first and foremost benefit of customizing your email templates is that you can curate a unique design language for your brand. This makes it easy for the subscribers to recognize your email from the long list of senders. They will be able to connect with the message and the overall purpose at a better pace. Also, it helps improve the speed and efficiency of consuming the data in your emails which can be an excellent advantage, especially for transactional emails.

Here, you can also deliver branding and purpose-driven consistency as you need to customize different types of email templates used for particular purposes like Product Recommendations for one time. The later iterations can have minor variations, and thus, you can provide a consistent reader experience if you invest in email template customization for your brand.

#2 Improved Ability To Communicate With Your Subscribers

As I just mentioned above, customizing your emails will also enhance your ability to communicate efficiently with your subscribers. Defining a layout, color palette, and elements positioning scheme for your templates ensures that your customers know where to find them once they open the email.

This can also give you leverage when it comes to generating more revenue as you can provide the readers with their desired information right where they expect it and reduce the time they get before they click on the CTA button. This can improve the CTR in case of impulsive purchases, which can be considered one of the most underrated strategic benefits of customizing your emails.

#3 Better Revenue Generation

Since you invest extra time, effort, and money into the customization process, it will naturally help you get a better ROI. But to what extent you are able to improve your revenue generation is dependent on how well you plan your customization strategy and the entire email marketing strategy at large. A well-planned email strategy can lower your email template customization costs while increasing its effectiveness, but it is easier said than done.

The best way to ensure better revenue is to keep the customization parameters relevant to the utility and value extended to the subscriber. This way, you can ensure that all necessary customization tasks are undertaken while you don’t waste your resources in overkilling the job.

Some Additional Tips To Keep In Mind When Customizing Your Email Templates

Customizing emails can be a tough task if you don’t have a basic idea of why you are doing it and what benefit you expect from it. Have a look at these tips to get your email customization game right:

  1. Build a comprehensive, 360-degree customer persona
  2. Map out the wants, pains, aspirations, and fears of your customers for each type of email message. Plot it against the aesthetic and functional value needed to ace the email design.
  3. Prepare a budget to understand the total inputs you will make against ROI that you intend to generate after using customized email templates.
  4. Do not reinvent the wheel when customizing your email templates, as you can always use code snippets from other HTML email templates wherever you find them similar.
  5. Always perform thorough testing of your customized email templates with the help of tools like EmailOnAcid and manual testing.

Wrap Up

Going the extra mile is always worth it as the ready-to-use email templates you pick would be already used by a lot of other businesses. Just make sure that you have your numbers right and even conduct an email audit to get a good headstart for your customization efforts. I hope that this article helps you understand the need and benefits of email template customization and where it fits in your comprehensive email marketing strategy.

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