Eight Ideas to Pass Time on Your Computer


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The world can be your oyster if you have a computer and an internet connection. There are multiple different things you can do on the device to pass the time. Some of the suggestions in this article will be for entertainment, whereas others focus on productivity. Check the list below and decide which of these eight ideas you want to do while on your computer.

Play Video Games

One of the primary reasons behind purchasing a computer is the entertainment that the device provides. And it is no secret that video games are usually the go-to pastime as far as entertainment goes.

Now, not everyone is an avid gamer, but it does not mean that they cannot enjoy video games. Even if you can spend only a few hours every week playing games, it is still often enough to have fun.

It is also worth noting that you can enhance the overall gaming experience. For example, if you play Farming Simulator, you can check FS22 Modhub for available mods. Investing in gaming accessories and better computer hardware is worth a shout as well. 

Learn New Skills

Learning new skills is another great example of how you can pass the time on a computer and put those hours to good use. 

Before, it was common to learn from reading books. However, things have changed thanks to computers and the internet. Now, you can access one of many available educational platforms, such as Udemy or Khan Academy, and watch videos.

It is much easier to process the information when it is presented in a visual format. Moreover, videos are more engaging.

You can find a plethora of available courses on the aforementioned platforms. Keep in mind, though, that while many of the courses are free, some of them require a fee. 

Make Money

Making money on the internet should not be that difficult if you have a computer. In case you have no experience with working online, you can start your journey with simple methods, such as filling online surveys. On average, you can make as much as 20 dollars per hour, though there are not enough surveys to work a full-time gig.

Becoming a virtual assistant is another common beginner gig when you are looking for work online. The pay might not be that great, but you can improve your skills and get a few references from employers and find better opportunities in the future.

Blogging, starting an e-commerce store, trying affiliate marketing, becoming a self-published author, and streaming on Twitch TV are other popular methods, though they might not be as easy to pull off because of how much work and experience they require.

Watch Streaming Services

Those who want to pass the time on the computer without bothering themselves too much can always look to streaming platforms. Right now, there is an ongoing event that some people dub “streaming wars” in which different streaming networks are pushing each other with original content to attract as many customers as they can.

Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, and Disney + are some of the biggest streaming platforms at the moment, but there are more new services appearing regularly.

Given how many networks there are to choose from, you may struggle to decide which one to subscribe to and check out. In addition, there might be some doubts about what content is worth your time.

If you are unsure about whether you should watch more movies or TV shows, click here and read the article to decide.

Pro tip: If you are not into movies or TV shows but prefer something like sports, documentaries, esports, or other types of content, there should be a streaming service for that as well, so be sure to check what is available.

Listen to Music

Sometimes, you just want to sit back and relax while listening to some music. Or perhaps you prefer to study or read books with some tunes in the background?

Regardless of the circumstances, you should not have problems finding the music you like while on a computer. 

You can listen to one of the many available radio stations, create or find a playlist on YouTube or Spotify, or download music to your computer and use a media player. 

Socialize With Others

During the pandemic, there might be fewer opportunities to interact with other people in person. As such, those who wish to keep in touch with their friends and family take advantage of a computer.

You can use TeamViewer, Zoom, or another communication platform to video chat with others. In case you own a PC and not a laptop, you will also need to get a webcam. At the same time, you do not have to get a camera if you prefer to just text or use voice chat. 

Joining Discord or exploring social media groups and online forums will also present you with opportunities to make new relationships.

Read Interesting Articles

Reading books is not for everyone. Some people prefer shorter articles, and there are plenty of publications that have columns from established writers. The Atlantic, New York Times, Washington Post, and other recognized publishers should give you more than enough articles to consume.

In case you are not looking for serious stuff and would prefer something more lighthearted instead, use Google and enter keywords so that you can find articles relevant to the topics you seek. Even if there are no world-renowned publications that have the articles you seek, there should be some bloggers who write about topics that interest you.

Do Some Shopping

Online shopping continues to grow, and it feels like the time for brick-and-mortar stores is coming to an end. According to TheVerge, it was mostly Amazon that shaped the eCommerce industry the most, and other retailers followed suit.

Thanks to the availability of different services and products on the internet, you do not have to leave your home to purchase something. Instead, you can simply pay the money and wait for the product to be delivered to your door.

Shopping on a computer can be a lot of fun. Hunt for the best deals, compare prices, read through customer reviews, seek recommendations from your friends, and enjoy the experience that eCommerce provides.

Hi, I am Anurag Chawake, a passionate writer from New Delhi, India. I enjoy writing on topics such as general news, technology, and gaming. When I am not working, you can find me playing video games.


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