Battle of “Diablo Immortal vs Path of Exile Mobile” all set to kick-off!


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Battle of the Mobile MMORPGsDiablo Immortal vs Path of Exile Mobile

In the world of RPG these days, two titles are clearly ahead of the curve. On one hand, you’ve got Diablo, which is one of the most storied RPG franchises in gaming history. On the other, there’s Path of Exile, the formidable challenger to the throne. With its own strengths and unique appeal, it has further developed the fertile ground that was set by its erstwhile rival. And with a growing cult following, it has certainly given notice as a force to be reckoned with.

As both franchises are set to take the mobile world by storm, it seems that their developers, GGG and Blizzard, are once again set to collide in an inevitably climactic clash of the titans of RPG. Battle of Diablo Immortal vs Path of Exile Mobile is on cards. Hold your bag of Diablo and PoE currency as we see which one remains standing when the smoke clears and all the hoopla has settled.

In The Red Corner: Diablo Immortal

Since the release of its original iteration, Diablo has etched itself in the collective minds of gamers as the quintessential RPG. It’s safe to say that it has always been at the forefront of the action role-playing hack & slash video game genre, and it may very well still be the game to beat in the future.

As not hopping on the mobile trend is pretty much tantamount to flirting suicide these days, Blizzard and NetEase partnered up to bring long-time Diablo fans a mobile game to call their own. Enter, Diablo Immortal.

It is as fast-paced as you can get in the RPG genre and is set in the timeline between Diablo II and Diablo III—though it’s worth noting that it freely borrows from the gameplay and aesthetics of the latter. As always, there are six classes to choose from Barbarian, Crusader, Demon, Hunter, Monk, Necromancer, and Wizard—all with four unique abilities.

The clincher here is that while the game was announced way back in late 2018, it still has no release date. Details about the game’s development are also on the down-low so there’s pretty much no way of knowing how well it will fare against its most notable adversary in the RPG scene. What we’re sure of, though, is that as both will be making the transition to mobile, they better tread carefully else they land flat on their faces.

Few gamers from Australia received invites for alpha testing in December 2020. They were meant for Android platform players who had pre-registered before Oct 19th last year. The plans for a broader rollout for testing or a possible Diablo Immortal release date is nowhere made official.

However, in the last quarter of 2020, Blizzard trademarked Diablo Immortal in many countries across the globe. Going by its past history, Blizzard released its titles, a year after a title got trademarked. Keeping fingers crossed and taking a cue from history, we can hope for a September-October 2021 Diablo Immortal release.

In the Blue Corner: Path of Exile Mobile

While Path of Exile doesn’t exactly enjoy as much fanfare as Diablo due to it being relatively “younger”, it has steadily built quite a buzz since its initial inception. It may even be said that Path of Exile has, in certain areas, gone beyond Diablo. No knock on the latter though. This may just be the case of the newcomer having the luxury of improving upon what the innovator has already established.

For instance, the intricacy of the PoE trade—featuring the likes of PoE Orbs, PoE Uniques, and PoE Items—is nothing short of brilliant. Fans have been assured that PoE Mobile would remain true to form and avoid the dreaded pay-to-win format. The aspect that fans worry about is that it is, by GGG’s own admission, still an experimental game.

What the good folks are GGG are banking on, though, is their experience. After all, Path of Exile itself has had numerous updates. One more tweak to make it mobile-friendly surely wouldn’t be too tall an order. Or would it?

The VerdictDiablo Immortal vs Path of Exile Mobile

The transition from console to mobile isn’t anything new. Nor is the a heated rivalry between games and their developers. If you ask us, this competition only serves the gaming public. Because both parties involved will always try to get a leg up on one another, the quality of their games will inevitably skyrocket. And that, friend, is the good thing about healthy competition.

It’s also worth noting that the success of the development of both games will rely heavily upon fan feedback. Both Grinding Gear Games and Blizzard certainly have their work cut out for them as fans of either game have been accustomed to quality content. Anything less than a stellar release would almost certainly be met with a lukewarm reception.

What about you? Are you excited about the prospect of battling out and finding the winner of Diablo Immortal vs Path of Exile Mobile? Are you leaning more towards one or the other? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below!

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  1. Well, these 2 games are my favorite, and I do think they need to compare, cause they are kind of like mutually complementary. Though I play Path of Exile a lot and often get PoE Currency from eznpc, that does not mean I am not into Diablo. And if you force me to vote, well, I’d like to go with Path of Exile, but I will never quit either of them.


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