Development of Mobile Games and Their Quality Over the Past 10 Years


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At the end of 2022, mobile gaming reached its peak popularity due to mass projects that gained tremendous success on older platforms. The FTP formula is ideally suited to the format of portable entertainment and provides excellent opportunities for both software developers and advertisers. This article will look at how mobile games have changed over the past 10 years.

The Dawn of Mobile Gaming

Since the appearance of Snake on the mobile phone, there has been a real revolution in interactive entertainment. The basic and simple gameplay became much more complicated when the joystick and button controls were replaced by touch interaction. It became possible to achieve maximum interactivity thanks to virtual reality glasses, which allowed you to plunge into the digital world with your head.

In addition to the perky arcades in the spirit of Fruit Ninja, where the player was required to grind exotic fruits with a katana, controlling it with a movement of his finger, there were other deeper projects. Role-playing games with complex mechanics (Diablo Immortal) and a full-fledged story, 3D shooters and racing arcades filled the gallery of digital stores. Gaming on handheld devices has evolved with technology, delivering smoother gameplay and a unique experience unmatched by major platforms.

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We will tell you more about the development of individual genres and the entire series of projects below, but first things first.

Infinity Blade

The game that marked the future of mobile entertainment brought a hitherto niche platform closer to the audience of hardcore gamers. Action RPG offers the player the role of a warrior in a dark fantasy world and fights hordes of monsters of various colors. The main focus was on dueling monsters and bosses. The player required ingenuity in equipping the character with multiple equipment elements and a good reaction.

The gameplay involved dodges and counterattacks, sharpened by touch controls. Properly calculated actions could bring victory over opponents who prevailed in force. The direct borrowing of ideas from the Souls series did not overshadow the gameplay; on the contrary, creating a challenge for the players in every fight. Chair Entertainment, together with Epic Games, demonstrated for the first time a finished project on Unreal Engine 3 ( for the mobile platform.

The incredible level of graphics and quality of the game for portable devices aroused great interest, which allowed the release of the sequel a year after the release of the original. The game has become exclusive for the App Store and Apple devices, but now, support for the project has ceased.


A line of racing arcades from the French studio Gameloft has won the hearts of the mobile audience of gamers. An analog of the Need for Speed ​​(NFS) series on portable gadgets surprised with the technical performance at the time of release. The development of technology offered more complex car models, motion physics, and detailed elaboration of locations.

Despite adapting to touch controls, the game could still challenge racing fans and stick to the smartphone screen for hours.


Fantastic 3D action allowed you to fully immerse yourself in a well-developed virtual world reminiscent of the legendary HALO saga. The gameplay was based on the canons of the genre: Doom & Quake, the player, explored the levels and completed tasks along the way, shooting enemies from a large arsenal of weapons. The plot was revealed thanks to videos on the engine, as well as notes and in-game dialogues.

Modern Mobile Games and Monetization

Development of Mobile Games and Their Quality Over the Past 10 Years

Narrative entertainment is going through hard times, requiring even large studios a multi-million dollar budget and perfect execution. Remembering the scandal around Cyberpunk 2077 from the Polish studio CD Project Red, we can conclude that the gratitude of the gaming community does not always compensate for the enormous labor costs. Such situations repel publishers and investors from the risk of creating large-scale projects, giving preference to simpler mass games.

So the Free-to-play business model has found its ideal application in mobile gaming because users get a game-ready product, and the project earns from advertising. Let’s say you downloaded the game in the Play Market or the App Store and didn’t pay a single dollar; how do the developer and publisher earn? The fact is that during the game, when a certain level is reached or after a certain time, advertising pops up. You can watch it to the end, this is often compensated by game bonuses, or you can skip it right away, but turning it off is only available with a paid subscription.

Another popular option is in-game events and a store. Players can move playfully in the early stages but will speed up their character development or progress in the game by purchasing boosters with real money. Such bonuses can be cosmetic (avatars, armor designs, and skins) or can provide specific benefits that affect performance. Users also receive generous bonuses for playing slot machines for Spin Million casino login.


Today, battle royales and session entertainment in the spirit of World of Tanks Blitz rule the arena of mobile games. Players still compete by skill but can change the balance of power by purchasing premium subscriptions or power-ups from the in-game store. The popularity of Call of Duty Warzone and Fortnite is due to their simplicity and accessibility. Popular games are multi-platform; playing at home on the console, you can continue the battle, leaving home, from your smartphone.

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