8 Ways To Take Control Of Spiraling Energy Costs


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Every year we spend more and more on heating and electricity. With the price of oil steadily rising and renewable energy still being more expensive to harvest it is not a question of “if” but a question of “how” to reduce the expenses of electrical devices

Luckily for us, there are some fairly simple things to do that you can learn more here to reduce our energy expenditure and save on electricity costs without having to let go of our earlier lifestyle. Whether you are a homeowner or thinking about business strategies it is always advisable to think rationally energy-wise as today it is more clear than ever that energy = money. 

What Goes Into The Cost Of Energy?

In the broader sense, energy comes in many forms: kinetic, potential, nuclear, heat… But here we are specifically talking about the energy needed to heat up and light our houses. Heating and electricity are strategic resources in any country and are needed in almost every aspect of human life. So much that we sometimes just give in to the spiraling cost of energy and forget where it comes from and how we can reduce the cost. 

Electric energy is, by and large, produced in electrical power plants that run on non-renewable energy sources such as coal or oil. One must consider that in the final price of the product – electricity or hot water or gas – there are several major factors: 

  • regulations (heavily dependent on the country where you live)
  • power plant/refinery costs
  • fuel price (one of the most important strategic factors worldwide)
  • weather conditions 
  • transport/transmission costs

Even though we can affect some of those factors, like opting for renewable energy or voting for a party that would loosen energy taxes, there are much quicker and simpler ways to fight the rising cost of energy bills.

  1. When Not In Use – Turn It Off

Carelessness leads to bigger bills. It is the epitome of most dad-jokes but turning off the lights when you exit a room can drastically reduce the amount of electricity you are paying for but not actually using.

Not only classic light bulbs, which are a horrible user of energy anyway, but other appliances too. Many electrical devices around the house continue to use a small amount of energy when on standby mode and will only be actually dormant when completely shut down or plugged out. 

  1. Energy Saving Devices

When given the opportunity you should always consider getting energy devices instead of just going cheaper for the same appliance. In the long run, most modern household equipment can be so much more energy-efficient than it’s earlier counterparts that the bit lower initial price will be surpassed several times during it’s working life just for the bills alone.

A great example is LED lights – up to a whole factor more efficient than ordinary light bulbs while also having a long working life. Although sometimes more expensive they justify the difference through the bills very quickly.

  1. Choose The Right Supplier

In our developed capitalist economy, it is normal for the government to deregulate the energy market and allow for private, innovative companies to fulfill the market’s needs.

Although their gas and electricity prices can be similar, the whole package or how they operate in a certain area will be different. Click here to find out how to choose the best supplier for you. Even when going grocery shopping it is always better to go where the quality to price ratio is best, not necessarily the closest shop there is – so why not extend the same idea to energy.

  1. Better Managing

Managing your energy consumption can seem like a daunting task, but it is actually very easy. For a certain period of time, say one month, take note of all the consumers throughout your house and when they’re in use. From there it is easy to calculate how much electricity is being used and how it can be better managed. You can also use a bill tracker to see how your energy bill fluctuates each month.

  1. Educate Yourself

Even though schools don’t tend to teach us useful home management that is not an excuse to be uneducated on the subject. From informal YouTube reviews explaining how certain gadgets can make your life easier to government leaflets promoting green energy and home insulation, it is worthwhile getting to know this subject that can save us some money.  

  1. Sharing Is Caring

Carpooling, although risky during a pandemic, is a great example of how several users can cut their price of gas per mile. Another example is cooking shared meals in a flatting situation instead of having everyone cook separately.

  1. Biggest Energy Drains

Be aware of the heat energy drains that surround you. An open window might seem OK when the radiator under it is turned on, so the room remains warm, but that is just reckless spending. Uninsulated walls, open doors, and windows as well as unoccupied yet heated rooms are all things you should look out for. 

  1. Recycling Made Easy

Recycling energy is regularly done in many industrial complexes, but the concept is still foreign to most homeowners. Air-to-air heat pumps, for example, simultaneously heat one area while cooling another, such as having an AC that also partly heats up your boiler! 

8 Ways To Take Control Of Spiraling Energy Costs

Since the days of going to the forest and bringing back as much wood as you can carry are almost gone, we have to live in a modern society with a wide connected network of electricity and gas suppliers and users.

It is therefore an obligation as modern citizens to demand and use that same energy as efficiently as possible and not let the spiraling costs drag us back into the woods.

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