How to prepare for choosing a mobile application development company


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Nowadays, many business owners need additional interactive “assistants” that automate workflows. Mobile application development is the creation of algorithms that are used when writing software for wireless devices such as phones or tablets. In this article, we will consider the benefits of Android application development services for the business and discuss how to choose the right development company. 

Important things to consider before choosing an app development company

There are some important things to remember if you want to find a reliable app development company and put the idea into practice. Let’s consider them.

Clearly define your app idea.

In understanding your idea, a small presentation should help a 30-second retelling of the capabilities of your application and why it is worthy of millions. Be brief and keep it simple; it should be so simple that a non-technical person can also understand it.

Depending on the number of features you want to implement in the application, the development cycle can be quite long. This should not stop you from saturating the application with functionality (within reason). Try to answer these questions:

  1. Do you need location notifications?
  2. Will the app connect to compatible Bluetooth devices?
  3. Do I want to give users the ability to stream videos?

Make a detailed list of features and functionality that you want to see in the application.

Obviously, your application needs to work with different types of online services. You may need access to Twitter or Instagram. Maybe your users will want to share their events on Facebook every day. How about syncing files via Dropbox? Why not integrate this into your application? Write down important points with services that should definitely be.

Another thing to consider is the budget. Do you need to do a certain functionality if you are limited by money? Have you thought about allocating a share of the revenue to the developer? Think carefully about what kind of investment you want to make in your application.

Work on RFP (Request For Proposal)

The basic idea is that the application development agency must fully understand the goals of your business. If you are new to WordPress or website design then we suggest you take support from a professional agency like Cude Design. They should show enough interest in it and think about their suggestions. They must also meet your timeframe and budget, and show you their personal touch.

You can understand all this by asking developers or company managers the following questions:

  1. Project concepts and recommendations. How can they make this app stand out? Are there key factors, and what will happen if you decide to change something?
  1. Examples of work. Can you show examples of previous work that correspond to the components of our project? If you do not have implemented examples of the required functionality, show what the task you completed will look like.
  1. Approach to the project. Please describe your approach to the project. Based on your experience, what are the main risk factors that will lead to success or failure in our tasks? What is the most important thing for consumer success? How will you and we manage risk?

Consider analytics and metrics, as well as continuous app improvements and management. Today, mobile projects are doing less at launch and constantly releasing updates every few months. You need to think about where you will make changes by conducting an exhaustive analysis. Look at it, not as a project that will require support later, but look at a year of involved work with developers – everything will be built on your relationship, and the desired goals should constantly improve and develop.

What budget should be allocated for data collection and implementation of improvements?

You should consider at least two unique examples of similar projects with ongoing work support and analytics.

You shouldn’t waste time and money on an application that doesn’t meet your business needs. A well-formed RFP is a very valuable tool, it gives you confidence that you have chosen the right agency that meets all your needs and vision and provides an effective solution.

It’s important to visualize your app

Once you have an idea for an app, you need to tell it to the developer in more detail so that they can visualize its data or screen flow. First, draw a smartphone on paper. Outline the key elements and show how the application will move from screen to screen during user interaction.

You don’t need to have amazing design skills. A few squares and/or sticks are great. Just have a few screens drawn and show the developer how to connect the dots. For example, explain that when a user interacts with a certain button or screen A, they should see it on screen B. Also, give an estimate of the number of screens in your app.

Don’t forget about the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

You have a million-dollar idea and it’s perfectly normal to be afraid that someone will steal it from you. Without a doubt, it needs to be protected and kept as your own while hiring a development company.

This is what the NDA is used for. The document obliges the developer to keep all information about the application secret. Trustworthy and seasoned developers carry an NDA with them at all times and will appreciate your concern that an idea might fall into the wrong hands and out of your control.

Some development companies may hesitate to sign an NDA before you tell them all about your idea. Perhaps this is due to the distrust of the developers – maybe you do not have the money to implement the idea or you are not serious about the project (this happens), and then they will waste time and energy on an empty discussion.

Start with a general overview of the idea – give enough information to start a preliminary discussion of the project without details. However, if they require more details to complete the project, you will need to convince them that you are serious, you have the capital and the fuse.

If your future developer is still refusing to sign an NDA, and you definitely need to sign one, it’s time to look for someone else.

Final thoughts

If you want to develop an app you have to find a company with experience in developing similar mobile applications, with satisfied customers and a staff of qualified specialists, ready to develop a high-quality solution for you using modern technologies in a reasonable time and at an affordable price. Perpetio’s developers create solutions for different industries, including healthcare, travel, hospitality, and retail. Do not hesitate to contact the company for assistance with your IT project.


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