Can free gaming apps on the Apple store be trusted?


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Today’s world is full of challenges, especially on the internet. This particularly refers to apps, as there are thousands of them and they are ever-growing. Of course, most of them are very useful, in terms of productivity benefits. However, such huge numbers clearly indicate that there is plenty of room for scams to act. Of course, this particularly refers to certain kinds of apps, which are used among vulnerable groups. Online free gaming apps are among them.

Of course, we are talking about the apps that can be downloaded via two main app stores – Google App Store and Apple App Store. The latter is particularly intriguing, as there is not much information about security protocols that Apple uses for checking all these apps.

So, the logical question would be – Can free gaming apps on the Apple store be trusted? Can App store games give you a virus?

Generally, they can be trusted for the simple reason that Apple has several layers of security. For example, Apple Store guarantees that these apps are free of known malware and haven’t been tampered with. Furthermore, they check the mediation protocols of all apps, in order to prevent potential personal data issues.

That sounds pretty good but doesn’t mean that you are completely safe if you use Apple Store to download apps. Moreover, this store has a pretty big history of offering scam apps. The latest case was in 2021 when a simple, innocent-looking children’s app turned out to be an online casino app for players from Turkey. Eventually, it turned out that the same scenario happened in Kazakhstan and Italy as well.

So, it’s easy to conclude that scams among apps available in the Apple Store are reality. Therefore, it’s important not to take Apple security protocols for granted. However, if an app has a cost associated with it while buying from the Apple App Store, it must have passed all the rigorous Apple’s security and vulnerability checkpoints. Such apps are likely to be safest of all to download on your Apple devices.

However, it is advised to be safe than to be sorry. There are some things you should check when downloading gaming apps via Apple Store. Naturally, the first thing that comes to mind is to check the developer and its portfolio. Check the reputation of the developer and if it has developed some other apps, see if they have good reviews etc.

So, a logical piece of advice would be to stick with the most renowned and safe gaming apps on the Apple store that don’t have any history of scamming. Fortunately, most of them have apps that are customized and developed for devices that use iOS platforms. Here are some of the gaming apps on the Apple store to consider:

Top free iPhone games 2022


Wordle, a web-based puzzle game, has become an internet sensation nowadays. It is a time-bound word game with the objective to create a word in a selected short span of time. One can play the puzzle with friends where a user is given six tries to predict a five-letter word. As one gets closer to solving it, letters start changing. On top of it, it is free to play!

Another renowned name in the business. What’s great about this online casino comparison site is that it offers different versions of the app, which are customized for each Apple device. This certainly maximizes user experience, so it’s no wonder that so many players prefer this app.

Of course, the large number of games offered by the online casinos listed at Foxbonus is another reason for the popularity. This particularly refers to slot games, but there is also a nice selection of other classic casino games, such as roulette, blackjack, poker etc.

Furthermore, there are numerous generous bonus offers that include free spins every day, bonus money for the first five deposits etc.

The Battle of Polytopia

These free gaming apps on the Apple store doesn’t need a special introduction. It’s been in the business for years and it is known very well for its amazing services. The version for Apple devices is available in the form of an app too. The app is intuitive and offers crisp graphics, with more exciting modes on offer like the ‘domination’ mode. The game is more about building strategy around limited resources.

The Battle of Polytopia is great in many ways. What we like about it is the great user experience, thanks to the app that’s specially customized for Apple devices. Furthermore, generous offers are always on a rollout.

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