Call of Duty Warzone new map and anti-cheat system


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People have been switching to Warzone from Fortnite a lot because of its simple mechanics. Warzone has been popular for a very long time now and people keep joining this game every day. It’s a very simple game and that is what people like about this game. Everyone can play it; you don’t need any special skills to do good at this game.

All you need is good aim and movement, that’s it. And you can improve your aim through many ways like aim trainers and other aim-related things. In Fortnite, you had to be good at every aspect of the game which is why it took too long for people to master and this is why people started to switch from Fortnite to Warzone.

Don’t get me wrong, Fortnite is an amazing game but it just takes too much effort to get good at which is why it gets boring for people who just play for fun.

However, in the competitive scene, Fortnite has been booming. Fortnite even had a world cup where they gave 3million to the winner. Nowadays, Warzone’s competitive scene is much more popular than Fortnite’s as streamers are hosting a tourney every week and there are Twitch rivals every week as well where you can compete to win a huge number of prizes.

Professional players have been making a lot of money from this game as well. If you have a good aim and you want to earn money, my best advice would be to you is start streaming and get recognized. It doesn’t take long for people to recognize a good player’s skills.

However, people who can’t get good at the aim are now using these hacks for call of duty warzone. These hacks contain Auto Clicker, aimbot, wallhacks, and much other warzone-related stuff. Aimbot is a computerized software that helps you aim automatically and puts your crosshair on the enemies head allowing you to one tap them instantly.

This is kind of an unfair advantage for the hackers as they will kill without you noticing where the bullet came from. It’s quite an unfair advantage if you ask me because you only have to aim as all they will be done by the software itself.

Wallhacks is when you can see your enemies through walls allowing you to be a step ahead of them. However, some professionals have been able to compete with these hackers and destroy them in a 1v1. This is what gets you fame. If you’re good at a game, you should stream it and get easy fame which will lead to you making bank.

New Map

There is a rumour that Warzone might be getting a new map. The map was introduced with a brief teaser that you can watch if you search for it, it will pop right in front of you or you can just go to their Twitter and look for it in their latest tweets.

Warzone needed a new map because it started to get repetitive for players as playing on the same map for around 2-3 years gets boring and unfun. The map will be based within the Pacific meaning you can expect ocean around the map.

Thinking about the map just makes me feel like jumping into a game of Warzone and I’m sure it’s the same with you. The map will come out in a few days and with it, a new anti-cheat system will drop as well allowing people to have a nice and fun experience when playing the game. Warzone will be a hacker-free game after all and many people were waiting for this day to happen.

New anti-cheat system

Finally, the devs decided to do something about the hackers. A new anti-cheat system will be dropped on the same day of the map launch. Hackers and cheaters were the biggest problems of this game and because of them, players started to switch from Warzone to Apex which was quite a downfall for Warzone.

Hackers will be getting a complete hardware ban if caught on that anti-cheat system and now even spoofer won’t protect you because this anti-cheat system is no joke. Devs have put their best in this and no hacks or cheats shall be able to bypass this.

This is a really good step that the devs have taken because these hackers started to get very annoying for professional streamers and thousands of people watch them because of which even the viewers stopped playing that game.

Now with this anti-cheat system, no hacker will be able to bypass it and old Warzone players will come back to Warzone and will have a very good time playing without any hackers trying to ruin their experience.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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