Blockchain Phones: What Are They?


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Blockchain is considered one of the most important inventions in recent years, so it’s not hard to understand the level of unprecedented hype that a few technologies or so have attracted surrounding blockchain. This is evident through many blockchain applications such as Bitcoin casino game, crypto gambling, and payment processing, among others.

From what we know, a blockchain functions as a decentralized ledger system that monitors transactions across various networks at the same time to maintain consistent accuracy. The record-keeping for this is safeguarded in an open-source setting, which helps prevent any instance of corruption by confirming and validating the transactions that occur across the network.

In a way, blockchain can be considered revolutionary since it became the basis for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, among many others. Due to some of its most useful features, some companies have decided to develop the concept of ‘Blockchain Phones’ – handsets with built-in functionality that allows the easy processing of blockchain transactions.

What is a Blockchain Phone?

Also called a crypto phone, a blockchain smartphone is a device that comes with pre-installed applications and the processing power it requires to facilitate secure and convenient blockchain activities instantly. Though you can already use blockchain-based crypto on mobile phones, this new, specific invention of smartphones permits you to do this without going through the hassle. Not only that, but it also offers a much more user-friendly and responsive experience.

If you have a blockchain phone, it will be quite easier to perform certain activities like sending and receiving Bitcoin, or monitoring the current prices on a live tracker for crypto. It also makes it more convenient and seamless to manage your account on the go, considering that you originally needed to jump through hoops and obstacles to do this the traditional way. With blockchain smartphones, you won’t need to log onto a separate machine through remote access applications or change your browser’s user agent just to utilize some crypto services.

These phones also come equipped with apps that offer you full autonomy over your usage of crypto or blockchain-based currencies. At the same time, this also doesn’t compromise performance, making sure you have near-flagship specs for your phone. The emergence of blockchain phones marks the start of a new wave or trend of tech and devices that come pre-equipped with useful applications which are great for specific use instances.

How will blockchain phones impact the future of crypto?

One of the most vital things that keep an industry going is technological innovation, especially since it reinforces is growth by releasing new devices or tech that can heighten the popularity of a certain aspect. In simpler words, the blockchain phones, such as that of HTC, will only pave the way for the industry to capitalize on the demand for more blockchain-friendly devices. Consequently, this also means that the leading cryptocurrencies can witness a boost in popularity with the public. Cryptocurrency usage and awareness are only more likely to experience substantial gains, with many companies and manufacturers starting to create similar phones that can create with HTC’s initiative with its Exodus Series.

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