Is BLACKPINK disbanding in 2023 or YG and Blackpink contract getting renewed?


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Concerns among fans of BLACKPINK have been mounting in 2023, fueled by widespread speculation about a potential disbandment, although no official announcement has been made. The band’s contract with YG Entertainment is drawing to a close, adding to the air of uncertainty. The conclusion of their Born Pink tour on September 17 has only deepened apprehensions about the group’s future. Since their debut in 2016, BLACKPINK has achieved remarkable success, setting records and advancing their careers.

While they have exceeded the typical “7-year curse” often associated with K-pop groups, there are lingering uncertainties regarding contract renewals. This topic has garnered significant attention within the entertainment industry, with potential repercussions for YG Entertainment’s stock price.

Various reports suggest that Lisa has received substantial offers, reaching tens of billions of won, from multiple overseas entities, including her home country, Thailand. Interestingly, rumors circulated that she turned down YG’s second contract renewal offer, valued at around 50 billion won.

Speculation continues about potential challenges in YG’s attempts to renew Lisa’s contract. As of July, her contract status with YG remained unclear amid rumors of discussions with a Chinese agency. YG Entertainment maintained its stance that “BLACKPINK contract renewals are still under discussion.”

Will BLACKPINK disbanding happen in 2023 after unsuccessful contract renewals with Lisa at YG Entertainment?

Recent developments suggest that BLACKPINK, the global K-pop sensation managed by YG Entertainment, is facing a significant crisis. Lisa, a prominent member of the group, appears to be on the verge of not renewing her contract with YG Entertainment, raising concerns within the K-pop community about BLACKPINK’s future.

Reports from Korean media, notably StarNews on September 14, indicate that BLACKPINK may part ways with YG Entertainment, although contract discussions are ongoing and an official decision is yet to be reached.

The main cause for BLACKPINK’s uncertain future is Lisa’s reported rejection of two contract renewal offers from YG Entertainment, each valued at 50 billion KRW (approximately 37.7 million USD). This development has fueled worries about the group’s stability.

Lisa has been receiving appealing offers from international music labels, adding complexity to the contract renewal process. Social media activities and promotional trends also suggest challenges in the contract renewal negotiations between YG Entertainment and Lisa.

Fans had previously found solace in a statement made by Rosé during a Singapore concert, interpreting it as a sign that BLACKPINK would endure despite contract challenges. However, clarifications later revealed that the statement was a misinterpretation, and the group’s future remains uncertain. Fans are eagerly awaiting updates and official announcements as the situation continues to unfold.

When will BLACKPINK Contract End?

As of now, the exact termination date of BLACKPINK’s contract with YG Entertainment remains undisclosed, as the label keeps contract details private. However, based on the typical contract duration for K-pop idols, it was initially estimated that BLACKPINK’s contract might conclude in late 2021 or early 2022.

Contrary to concerns about their contract reaching an end, there was an update in May 2023 indicating that BLACKPINK’s deal with YG Entertainment would be renewed this year. This update brings relief to fans and alleviates worries about the group potentially disbanding. For the latest and most accurate information about BLACKPINK’s contract and future plans, it’s essential to stay updated on official announcements and updates from the group and its management.

Will BLACKPINK contract be renewed with YG?

The future of BLACKPINK remains uncertain, with growing apprehension that the group might not renew its contract with YG Entertainment. Concerns are mounting that the finale concert at Gocheok Dome could potentially be BLACKPINK’s last performance as a group. An official from the securities industry even hinted at the possibility of an indefinite hiatus and a suspension of group activities following the conclusion of their world tour.

Recent developments have added to the complexity of the situation. New videos from the BORN PINK tour have surfaced, fueling allegations of ‘lazy dancing’ against Jennie. These videos have sparked divisions among BLACKPINK fans (Blinks), with differing opinions on social media.

Interestingly, while some fans express satisfaction with Lisa’s reported decision not to renew her contract, believing she consistently puts in significant effort, others speculate whether this might be a strategic move to create anticipation and publicity surrounding their contract renewal. The situation continues to evolve, leaving fans eagerly awaiting official announcements and updates on the group’s future.

About Contract renewals for other BLACKPINK members

Recent reports indicate that contract renewals for BLACKPINK members Jennie, Jisoo, and Rosé have been reportedly successfully concluded, though there hasn’t been an official confirmation from the agency as of now. This development comes as BLACKPINK is in the final stages of their Born Pink World Tour, scheduled to conclude in Seoul on September 16 and 17.

Despite celebrating their 7th anniversary on August 8, the contract renewal between YG and BLACKPINK is yet to be officially finalized. However, it’s important to note that even if the contract expiration date has passed, any fixed schedule set before the contract’s expiration is still considered valid and must be honored.

The members’ statements about their “intentions” have added to the intrigue. Rose assured fans during a Singapore concert, stating, “BLACKPINK will not go anywhere,” prompting cheers from the audience. On the other hand, Jennie hinted at a different sentiment, suggesting that their performance at the Gocheok Dome could potentially be their “last one.” The situation remains unclear, and fans are eagerly awaiting official updates regarding BLACKPINK’s future.

Will BLACKPINK Disband?

The looming question of whether BLACKPINK might disband if Lisa departs from YG Entertainment is undeniably concerning. However, it’s crucial to emphasize that the group’s future isn’t definitively doomed.

While there are valid reasons to speculate about BLACKPINK facing challenges, particularly the infamous “7-year curse” in the K-pop realm, it doesn’t automatically equate to disbandment. Contemporary K-pop groups have demonstrated resilience, continuing their journey even after some members have departed from their original management. Notable examples include 2PM and Girls’ Generation, both thriving for over 15 years despite most members parting ways with their initial agencies like JYP and SM Entertainment.

Therefore, it’s paramount to maintain optimism and await official statements from both YG Entertainment and BLACKPINK members before reaching conclusions. In the interim, staying connected to reputable sources and following BLACKPINK’s news and activities across various social media platforms will keep fans updated on any future developments.

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