What are the biggest industries in Canada in 2022?


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Depending on where you look in Canada, there are a variety of significant sectors. On the west coast, British Columbia relies on natural resources like lumber and mining. The role of manufacturing in the economy is growing. In addition to oil and natural gas, Alberta possesses substantial natural resources.

Commercial Banking

In spite of low-interest rates and economic turbulence, the Commercial Banking business in Canada has grown over the next five years. Because of historically low rates of interest and an ever-increasing number of rules, banks have been able to successfully diversify their sources of income.

In addition to interest-earning sources like commercial loans and mortgages, the sector also makes money from non-interest-earning sources including service fees and commissions.

Online Gambling

Online casino gambling is becoming more popular in Canada. Mobile casino gambling has been generating a lot of commotion in the nation, which is a positive sign for the sector.

However, it is no coincidence that Canada has become a major center for mobile casino gambling, since there have been many other casinos around. There has never been a better time to be in the casino business in the United States.

When it comes to mobile casinos, you can expect to find the same kind of games you’d find on a computer or at a land-based establishment.

Gasoline and Petroleum

Petroleum products including fuel, diesel fuel, fuel oil, and petroleum gasses in the form of liquid are stored in bulk tanks managed by firms inside the Canadian Gasoline & Petroleum Bulk Stations business.

Customers may rapidly and easily discharge their products from these bulk terminals situated near large refineries, ports, or industrial centers. Petroleum and crude oil products flow through these stations on a regular basis.

Supermarkets and Groceries

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Canada’s Supermarkets and Grocery Stores business has grown steadily throughout the five years until 2021.

Strengthened competition from supercentres as well as a one-stop retail experience has hampered industry sales, even as consumer confidence has increased and per capita income has risen somewhat over the last several years.


There has been a steady expansion in the Canadian Hospitals business since 2016, which includes both medical and surgical facilities. According to the Canadian National institute Of health Information’s “National Health Expenditure Trends 2020” study, Canada’s health system is predominantly public, with 70.4% of financing originating from the public sector and the rest coming from the private sector (CIHI).

This means that the business relies largely on money from the federal and provincial governments, much of which is distributed via global budgeting systems, in which a predetermined payment amount is granted to a provider in order to cover operational costs for a certain period of time.

Car Dealerships

Canada’s Canadian New Auto Dealers business is predicted to have a little increase in revenue between now and 2022. Consumer confidence & low unemployment have been driving automotive demand for most of the time, but the COVID-19 epidemic has reversed many of these patterns.

Because of numerous initiatives and reimbursements offered to people and families as part of the government’s Economy Response Plan in the wake of the epidemic, Canadians will have more money to spend in 2020, which will shield operators from a more severe drop in revenue.

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