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An ordinary meeting management software is the last thing management wants for its board meetings. Board meetings are different from routine business meetings because board members usually don’t meet on a regular basis. Besides, these meetings are planned to discuss the most important matters of a company.

So it is important for the management to choose a meeting management software that is worth investing in. You might think, why invest in a board meeting management solution when you have free options to choose from?

To answer this question, we have compiled a list of some of the best board meeting software, such as  Zoom, the iDeals virtual boardroom, Lucid Meetings, Boardable board management software, etc., and why they are better options.

Top board meeting management software

1. Zoom

Zoom is one of the best meeting management tools for remote teams, managers, and board members. An all-in-one software, Zoom is specifically famous for its HD video conferencing feature and other useful tools that help the host achieve desired outcomes.

Zoom is integrable with Google Calendar, which allows you to schedule meetings in advance. You can also record meetings and keep them as a reference for the future. Zoom also provides a screen-sharing option, and meeting participants can co-annotate documents during meetings. You can easily share documents and create group chats within Zoom.

Here are some worth mentioning features of Zoom meeting software:

  • File sharing functionality
  • Third-party app integration
  • Dedicated app for tablets and mobiles
  • Android, Windows, and iOS support
  • Ability to host meetings with up to 1000 participants
  • HD video and audio calls
  • Screen sharing

2. iDeals virtual boardroom

iDeals virtual board portal software is a meeting management solution particularly designed for managing board meetings. The software is developed by iDeals Solutions, one of the leading business solutions providers in the world.

iDeals board portals not only help boards in managing their meetings effectively, but they can use these solutions for board document management, and internal and external communication. The administration can develop a meeting agenda using an agenda builder and share it with participants.

Just like Zoom, you can use the iDeals board portal software on your mobiles, tablets, or desktops. The solution is available in over ten different languages, and that too at economical prices.

Notable features of the iDeals virtual boardroom include:

  • Calendar management
  • Agenda and meeting minutes builder
  • Voting tools
  • Document annotations
  • Document templates
  • Electronic signatures
  • Real-time chat
  • Data encryption
  • Permission management

You can also check the board of directors software benefits here.

3. Lucid Meetings

Another very practical and feature-rich online meeting management tool, Lucid Meetings, can cover everything from agenda building to taking notes to HD video meetings. The best thing about this meeting management solution is its effectiveness for small-, medium-, and large-size businesses.

Lucid Meetings is one of the simplest meeting tools in the market. The users get very detailed instructions on how to set up audio and video conferencing. It helps you streamline meetings, take notes, and minimize the chances of overlapping conversations.

Lucid Meetings is a great option for board meetings, as you can create a detailed meeting agenda, share documents during the meetings, take notes, prepare meeting minutes, and retrieve records of previous meetings.

Here are some notable features of Lucid Meetings:

  • Easy screen sharing
  • Online conferencing
  • Post-meeting reports
  • Voting management
  • Role assignment
  • Agenda and meeting minutes templates
  • Ability to record meeting minutes in various formats
  • Screen-sharing options

4. Boardable board management software

Boardable is a tailor-made solution for mission-driven board meetings and task management at affordable prices. Boardable makes board meeting management easier and helps boards achieve desired results. You can use the software to conduct virtual meetings, assign tasks to the meeting participants, and manage them using a single interface.

Another good thing about Boardable is its simple user interface, which simplifies things for the users. The company has 24/7 robust customer support, and its pricing is unbelievably affordable.

Here are some worth mentioning features of Boardable board management software:

  • Voting and polling tools
  • Goal tracking
  • Task manager
  • Advanced reporting tools
  • E-signatures feature
  • Automated meeting schedules
  • Built-in agenda builder

5. Cisco WebEx

A top-tier meeting management tool specifically created to cater to the needs of enterprise-level businesses, Cisco WebEx allows you to add a massive number of meeting participants and arrange high-quality video meetings.

One of the best things about Cisco WebEx is you don’t have to worry about slow video calls or connection problems (which is common in many other meeting management software). Its UI design may look heavy, but its operations are smooth and fast. You can easily invite participants via email, SMS, or phone and save their contacts for future use.

Following are some notable features of Cisco WebEx:

  • Desktop integrations with MS Outlook and other software
  • Mac, PC, Android, and iOS support
  • Convenient screen sharing
  • Project management tools
  • Fast file editing and sharing
  • Audio/video recording
  • Private communication rooms
  • Smooth device switching during meetings

Final words

Ineffective board meetings not only waste your board member’s time but can also delay the decisions on the most important affairs of your business. The only way to keep everything on track is to use high-end board meeting management software, especially if your board members are from remote locations.

The options mentioned above, including board management software, Lucid Meetings, and Zoom, are some of the top board meeting management solutions.

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