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Any game could be enjoyable, but puzzle games are the ones that make your brain work more efficiently. You must develop your strategy-making skills and problem-solving abilities while playing these games.

Puzzles are a fantastic way to pass the time and enhance your problem-solving abilities. You may also use your iPhone or iPad to find some amazing puzzle games to play if you’re bored of word searches, sudoku puzzles, and crosswords.

There are many puzzle games available, finding it challenging to sort through them all on the App Store. We’ll show you the top puzzle games available for iPhone devices in this list. But be careful—these games are very simple to become addicted to!

Let’s start our list of the best puzzles that you can play on your iPhone devices.

Red’s Kingdom:

As you play through 17 wonderful and distinctive locations in this game, you will find hidden treasures, gather nuts, unlock special skills, and much more. There is always something new to uncover.

In Red’s Kingdom, you will come across a lot of features like incredible action and adventure, amazing crosswords to solve, an intriguing kingdom, goons to fight, secrets to discover, make new contacts, overthrow Mad King Mac, and a brand new universe to explore. 

These fantastic and loving characteristics of this puzzle attract a lot of players to enjoy it.

You should definitely try this on your iPhone device.

The Room 3:

A physical puzzle game with a gorgeously tactile world is titled The Room Three.

You are lured to a distant island, where you must use all of your puzzle-solving skills to go through a series of tests set up by a mysterious character known only as “The Craftsman.”

The features of this puzzle game are so fascinating. 

For example, you can enjoy a special mix of intriguing puzzles with a straightforward user interface. It’s simple to start, but difficult to stop, a natural tactile experience that makes it almost possible to feel the surface of each thing, get lost in a range of breathtaking new settings, each encompassing many spaces and you can discover the secrets of dozens of objects by rotating, zooming, and studying them. Moreover, an unforgettable atmosphere is produced by combining a gloomy soundtrack with dynamic sound effects. Plus, to obtain the entire picture, read the tips again. These features are very helpful during solving puzzles.

You should try it once.

I’m a Puzzle:

I’m a puzzle from Unwind Media that contains every jigsaw puzzle you’ll ever need, all preserved in flawless digital form.

There are thousands of riddles already present, to start. They are separated into subgroups like, for example, Christmas, Cats, and Brazil after being categorized into groupings like Holidays, Animals, and Places.

As if that weren’t enough, the Other section also covers the rest of the multiverse.

Additionally, I’m A Puzzle allows you to upload your own photos, which you can then share with others using the standard methods or by including them in an email to send to friends and other dialectologists. As a result, the number of puzzles there is utterly limitless (look it up).

There are other solutions as well, allowing you to see the picture you’re trying to construct, hide everything but the pieces’ edges and corners, or even solve the issue.

It is one of the best puzzles you can play on your iPhone device, so you should try it.

Mushroom 11:

Mushroom 11 is one of the best puzzles that you can play on your iPhone device to avoid mental tiredness. It has many features which make it attractive for players. 

These features are: a distinct and avant-garde game with straightforward touch controls, designed primarily for multi-touch for a full tactile experience, the size of the eraser is determined by fully immersive 3D Touch, iCloud support for device-to-device sharing of progress, full wide-screen compatibility for the iPhone X and seven enormous hand-painted worlds chock full of secrets, puzzles, and creative bosses.

Furthermore, the clues in the background reveal the origins of the mushroom, music from The Future Sound of London, a legend of British electronic music (FSOL), and left-handed mode.

After reading these characteristics of this puzzle game, you are able to know how amazing and gorgeous this game is!  

So, you should definitely try this game for your iPhone device.

World of Goo:

World of Goo Balls: Along the way, previously unidentified new species of goo balls, each with their own special skills, join forces to ooze through amazing tales of discovery, love, deception, beauty, electricity, and the third dimension.

Massive Online Competition – Human participants from all over the world strive to construct the biggest goo towers in the mystical sandbox of World of Goo Corporation. Building towers, bridges, zeppelins, and enormous tongues are all possible in this game using live goo globs.

The numerous Goo Balls that populate the World of Goo are fascinating and beautiful, and they are eager to explore. However, they are unaware that they are engaged in a game or that they are incredibly tasty.

This award-winning game is now available for iPhone devices.

Mysterious Levels are present here. Each level introduces fresh riddles, landscapes, and the creatures that call them home. They are all unusual and dangerously beautiful.

This is also one of the best puzzles for your iPhone devices.


Playing puzzle games will keep your brain busy and stimulated. You may test your intelligence and put your brain to the test with these games. These puzzle games cover a variety of brain improvement topics. Therefore, using your iPhone or other iOS devices with these is the most enjoyable option.

Thus, it was the list of the best puzzle games that you can play easily on your iOS device.

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