Understanding the Basics of Regression Testing


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Regression testing plays an integral role in software development. It ascertains that changes to a program or system do not cause unexpected breakdowns or faults. This is one of the significant aspects of the quality control cycle and aids to eradicate mistakes and improve performance. 

In this article, we’ll discover the fundamentals of regression testing and learn how to guarantee the highest levels of stability for any program or system. 

Basics of Regression Testing

Regression testing is a form of software testing that is done to guarantee software capability after a modification. This covers any new code or alterations done to the existing code and ascertains that the overall application works correctly.

Regression testing is considered essential for verifying the functioning of existing code with new code added. To do this the same tests that were previously run are executed again to confirm the expected outcomes are set. Checking for bugs or issues formed while manipulating the software is a prominent aim of this action.

It evaluates the impact of code modifications. It can be conducted at any point during the software development cycle, such as unit, integration, and system testing, or acceptance testing. This kind of testing is meant to confirm that the previously existing software functions as intended, before introducing any new code.

Regression testing involves going through various stages to evaluate any areas of the program that have been altered. By carefully examining and assessing the code, possible errors, and problems can be uncovered. This practice helps in making a software product that is accurate and free from mistakes.

To do this, it’s wise to implement an iterative process when running through the tests. This hints at a subset of already existing tests that can be employed. Furthermore, it is also sensible to take a broader perspective on the whole system to guarantee that all components are evaluated.

Additionally, if any customer requirements have been changed or added, it is important to create and execute additional tests for them. 

Using the correct test automation tool is vital for successful regression testing. It provides the efficiency and cost-effectiveness needed throughout the entire process. 

Automation conserves time by reducing manual test procedures as well as lowers the number of manual tests that must be completed. Additionally, automation will facilitate a faster overall test completion time.

Overall, it is a vital part of the software lifecycle. It ensures that any changes to the existing software don’t affect its overall performance. This testing helps software developers to effortlessly introduce amendments and make improvements; as well as quickly find and fix bugs. All these results in better software that meets the users’ expectations.


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