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Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode “Two Brothers” on Hulu keeps buffering! Here is a fix to it

It was on Sunday,23rd January that Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 2 Episode 3 streamed globally. The simulcast version streamed on Funimation and Crunchyroll platforms in addition to Hulu. However, Hulu subscribers were unable to watch the Attack on Titan Episode “Two Brothers”. The buffering glitch has left the AOT fans on Hulu frustrated. The level of frustration got heightened because Episode 3 was the most anticipated one.

There was a sudden spurt in issues with users complaining of the episode buffering soon after the title sequence popped up on the screen. The streaming either glitches after the ad break and doesn’t start the episode, it just shows you the last shot of the ad. In case the episode does get started, the subtitles are wrong or just aren’t there.

Fans on Hulu have been trying to watch AOT Season 4 episode 19 for the past 2 days now but it keeps on glitching. The issue gets frustrating because one cannot go past the glitch even after re-watching ads again and you cannot move forward beyond the point where screen freeze happened. For some, the episode is not loading after the opening song.

Users have been complaining since long about the high frequency of ad breaks on Hulu. The platform has a workaround to it if anyone wants to give it a try. There’s a No Ads option available if you prefer on: https://hulu.tv/HuluNoAds-.

The buffering issue after the ad break doesn’t solve even after restarting the Hulu app a number of times. Those who were streaming on the mobile device cleared the cache, cleared all data for the last 24 hours. But nothing seems to work.

Hulu has acknowledged the buffering glitch and its team is working on it. However, there is no ETA in sight.

The Hulu devs are investigating the issue and trying to replicate it. They want more details on the device (make and model), and a detailed issue with screengrabs. Get in touch with https://hulu.tv/ContactSupport for further 1:1 support.

But here we have some tried and tested ways to watch your favourite Attack on Titan Season 4 Episode “Two Brothers” on Hulu.

People who are using their PC to stream the episode have not reported the issue. The complaints have come from users on mobile devices and tablets.

The other option is to watch the episode on twitch by searching AOT Season 4 episode 19.

Another option that has worked out for some is switching the subtitles. The issue on prima facie appears to be with the subtitles. The video doesn’t start after the ads if the subtitles are on and they are found to be out of place.

Do share with us if any of the above alternatives worked for you or any new workaround that doesn’t find mention here.

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