Are Apple Vision Pro and its battery designed to be waterproof?


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The Apple Vision Pro stands as Apple’s flagship Spatial Computer, commanding a substantial price tag starting at $3,500. Given this significant investment, potential buyers frequently inquire about Apple Vision Pro’s water resistance and IP rating capabilities to safeguard against liquid damage.

Crafted with Apple’s meticulous attention to detail, the Vision Pro boasts a premium construction using high-quality materials such as aluminum, glass, polyester, nylon, and polycarbonate. Despite this, the absence of a stated IP rating raises questions regarding its water resistance capabilities.

Whether you’re considering purchasing the Vision Pro or already own one, this guide aims to comprehensively address your concerns. Understanding the nuances of Vision Pro and its battery’s waterproof and water-resistant features is crucial, particularly for a cutting-edge device like the Apple Vision Pro.

Rest assured, we will conduct a thorough analysis to evaluate the device’s capacity to withstand exposure to water and other liquids, providing valuable insights to inform your decision-making process.

Is Apple Vision Pro water-resistant?

Apple Vision Pro is dead in the water! This is what Apple has to say.

Apple has explicitly stated that the Vision Pro and its battery lack waterproof or water-resistant design features, as outlined on their support page. Users are strongly cautioned against exposing the device and its battery to any form of liquid, including drinks, oils, lotions, sinks, bathtubs, and shower stalls. Additionally, safeguarding the device and battery from dampness, humidity, or adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, and fog is recommended.

Are Apple Vision Pro and its battery designed to be waterproof?

In terms of operational conditions, the Spatial Computer is tailored for use within specific ambient temperature ranges. Users should adhere to these temperature guidelines when storing the device to uphold its functionality. It’s crucial to avoid subjecting the Vision Pro to extreme temperatures outside the prescribed ranges to prevent potential damage.

Also, avoid wearing the headset in situations where sharp objects, hot surfaces, boiling water, or open flames are present. Doing so minimizes the risk of accidents and potential damage to both the device and the user.

Wearing the Apple Vision Pro while swimming or in the shower is not recommended. The battery pack needs to be stored in your pocket or backpack during normal usage, which makes it impractical for use in wet environments. However, as long as the headset remains dry and is not directly exposed to water, it can be safely used near a pool or even in the bathtub. Nonetheless, it’s important to exercise caution to prevent any accidental water damage to the device.

In the meantime, users are finding it difficult to drink water or snack while using the device. Few are suggesting a “water lock” feature for your Vision Pro to allow for uninterrupted enjoyment of your eatables while watching movies or YouTube videos sounds like a great idea.

Is the Apple Vision Pro Battery Waterproof?

It’s crucial to understand that the Apple Vision Pro Battery Pack lacks waterproofing capabilities. Should it come into contact with water, immediate drying is paramount. Should the battery pack become wet, swift disconnection from the Vision Pro is advised. Furthermore, unplugging the USB C wire of the battery pack can be easily accomplished using a SIM-eject tool. Once disconnected, prompt drying of the Vision Pro Battery Pack is essential to mitigate any potential damage.

Similarly to other VR headsets available on the market, the new Vision Pro is not engineered to withstand wear and tear. It is imperative to handle the costly Spatial Computer with care and adhere strictly to the company’s guidelines to fully maximize its features and longevity.

How to protect your $3,500 investment, the Apple Vision Pro?

To safeguard your $3500 investment in the Vision Pro, it’s crucial to adopt protective measures. Here are some key tips to preserve its functionality and appearance:

Utilize the Cover

Whenever the Vision Pro is not in use, ensure to cover it. This simple action effectively minimizes dust accumulation and reduces the risk of potential damage, thus maintaining the device’s integrity.

Control Environment Conditions

Store your Vision Pro in an environment where the relative humidity falls within the range of 0% to 95% (non-condensing). This optimal humidity level helps to prevent moisture-related issues that could compromise the device’s performance.

Handle with Care

When setting down the Apple Vision Pro, avoid placing it with the cover glass facing downward. Instead, place it flat on a stable surface, ensuring the cover glass is facing forward. Furthermore, refrain from placing it on rough or abrasive surfaces to prevent scratches and other damage.

No Usage While Driving

It’s imperative to emphasize that using the Vision Pro while driving is unsafe and should be avoided at all costs. Prioritize safety by refraining from using the device behind the wheel.

By adhering to these recommendations, you can prolong the longevity of your Apple Vision Pro and ensure it continues to provide immersive experiences without compromise.

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