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Arby’s is introducing a limited-time burger called the “Big Game Burger,” which promises a unique and adventurous flavor experience. This burger is an evolution of their earlier venison sandwich, taking it to the next level with a combination of three distinct types of meat: venison, elk, and ground beef.

The patty, made from this blend of meats, is complemented by a selection of toppings that contribute to its overall taste and texture. These toppings include crispy onions, tangy pickles, and melty Swiss cheese, providing a delightful combination of crunch, tanginess, and creaminess.

To complete the culinary adventure, the burger is finished with a special dark cherry steak sauce, known for its compatibility with venison. This sauce adds a rich and flavorful twist to every bite of the burger.

For an even more unique experience, Arby’s hosted a one-day event known as the “Arby’s Hike-Thru on The Big Game Burger Trail” in the Colorado Rockies. This event allowed a select group of outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the burger amidst the stunning natural beauty of the wilderness. Along the scenic hike, participants encountered checkpoints with refreshment stations and breathtaking views. The journey culminated at the most remote Arby’s location in the country, where hikers were treated to a complimentary Big Game Burger.

In addition to the physical event, social media users, particularly on TikTok, have shared their opinions and reviews of the Big Game Burger, contributing to the buzz surrounding this unique culinary creation. Overall, Arby’s Big Game Burger promises a one-of-a-kind taste adventure by blending various meats and flavors in a limited-time offering.

What is Arby’s Big Game Burger?

Arby’s is capitalizing on football season with the launch of its new Big Game Burger, aligning with its famous slogan, “we have the meats.” This burger is a carnivore’s delight, featuring a combination of three types of meat: venison, elk, and ground beef. It’s topped with crispy onions, pickles, melted Swiss cheese, and a unique dark cherry steak sauce.

Although Arby’s has dabbled with elk and venison sandwiches in the past, it’s still relatively unusual to find game meats like these at a quick-service restaurant. In previous instances, these limited-time offerings (LTOs) were incredibly popular, with some locations running out of sandwiches within hours.

This time, the Big Game Burger is launching nationwide but in limited quantities and for an undisclosed period, priced at $8.79.

Arby emphasizes that the venison and elk used in their menu items are sourced from farmed animals and not from hunting for sport.

To promote the launch, Arby’s is hosting an immersive adventure event on September 12, known as the “Arby’s Hike-Thru on The Big Game Burger Trail.” This guided hike will lead participants deep into the Colorado Rockies on a scenic trail that ultimately reaches the most remote Arby location globally. At the end of the trail, participants will be rewarded with a complimentary Big Game Burger. The event will also feature refreshment stations and checkpoints along the way.

Select fans have the chance to win access to this exclusive Colorado trail hike, offering refreshment stops and breathtaking views, followed by the indulgence of a Big Game Burger at the finish. Participation is on a first-come, first-served basis, and more information and trail passes can be found on ArbysHikeThru.com.

Additionally, Arby’s is offering limited-edition merchandise as part of the Big Game Burger promotion. Branded hiking socks, hats, anorak jackets, and water bottles are available at ArbysHikeThru.com starting on Tuesday.

Arby’s Big Game Burger food reviews on TikTok

The text discusses how TikTok users have shared their thoughts and reviews about Arby’s Big Game Burger. This burger stands out for its unique blend of three meats—venison, elk, and ground beef—along with toppings like crispy onions, pickles, melted Swiss cheese, and a dark cherry steak sauce. Here’s a breakdown of the main points:

  1. Positive Feedback: Many TikTok users expressed their excitement and approval of the Big Game Burger, awarding it high ratings, such as 9.9/10 and 9.5/10. They appreciated the burger’s distinctive flavor profile, especially the inclusion of game meats like venison and elk.
    Today @Arbys brought out the brand new big game burger! This burger has venison, elk, and beef in it! Its time to review it! Whats your thoughts on this new arbys burger! 
  2. Mixed Reactions: Not all reviews were equally positive. Some TikTok users shared more moderate opinions, giving ratings like 8.2/10 and 6.5/10. While they enjoyed the burger, they also pointed out that there might be room for improvement or that it was impressive but not extraordinary.
  3. Negative Reviews: A few TikTok users offered lower ratings, such as 5.1/10 and 5/10. These individuals did not seem as satisfied with the burger, with some mentioning specific disappointments, such as the cherry sauce or the burger’s value for the price.
    @nikmetcalf – Arby’s Big Game Burger Review YOUNG MO
  4. Pricing Considerations: The burger’s price, set at $8.79, was a subject of discussion for some reviewers. Some questioned whether it justified the cost, while others found it to be a reasonable deal.
  5. Cherry Sauce: The cherry steak sauce also garnered attention in the reviews, with opinions ranging from it being fantastic to not particularly enjoyable.
  6. Flavor Experience: Several TikTok users highlighted that the Big Game Burger did not have a strong “gamey” taste, which could have been a concern for some potential customers.
  7. Pleasant Surprises: A handful of reviewers were pleasantly surprised by the burger, despite initially having low expectations. They commended it for exceeding their initial impressions.

These TikTok reviews showcase a wide range of viewpoints regarding Arby’s Big Game Burger. While some users praised its unique flavors and meat combination, others had more mixed or lukewarm reactions. Factors like the burger’s price, cherry sauce, and overall taste experience played pivotal roles in shaping these reviews. Ultimately, individual taste preferences significantly influenced how users perceived and rated this innovative burger offering.

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