Android app design: template or layout?


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A cell phone is a means of communication, a toy, an encyclopedia… The list could go on endlessly thanks to the creation of a huge number of applications on various topics, as the demand for mobile app design for startups grows with each passing day. But how to achieve mobile utility competitiveness? First of all – to develop an attractive design. Let’s take a closer look at what should be the interface of applications for phones with the Android operating system.

The main goal of the program is to create an application for Android with the layout and the page layout.

Working with the utility for the phone should be familiar and intuitive even for new users, so Google encourages developers to unify the interfaces of native apps and gives recommendations on how to do it. Material Design with naming, design and usability samples is written for Android.

Of course, no one is forced to strictly follow the recommendations when creating a layout, you can apply to ronasit, to create a unique product. At the same time, expert advice allows you to get a product that will be popular among users. The use of the guide-lines gives an opportunity to:

  • optimize the process of developing your own design;
  • to unify soft;
  • create an understandable interface.

Adaptive design

This is about adapting the layout of an application for a specific device with Android.

The main principle is from the general to the particular. Reducing the screen leads to a reduction in the content that is displayed on the main page: the important – leave it, the secondary – hide it in separate blocks. If the Android user considers it necessary to study additional information, he will click on the floating button and go to the page with specific data and images.

Android app design – using templates

Templates are a great option for novice Android software developers. You can also resort to using templates if you want to save time. However, you should understand that it is unlikely to create a completely unique product this way.

There are both universal and thematic templates for Android applications.

Universal templates

Universal Android App

With its help, you can develop software of any orientation. A distinctive feature is the ability to combine all the necessary features – for example, playlists, graphics, or web pages. In addition, you can count on a wide range of functionality and support from the developer.


Dating App Template – Android App Development

Creating a mobile program to search for love on the Internet has become quite easy thanks to the Dating App template. Distinctive features – a beautiful gallery and user profiles. You can also configure many important features – for example, the ability to leave comments, give likes, correspond or put a block on this or that profile.

Kushal Gunturu
Kushal Gunturu
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