The Advancement of AI in Mobile Phones


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Mobile phones have emerged as a critical part of human life. You can use your smartphone to perform various tasks, including making online purchases, navigating, and playing video games. Technological advancements significantly make smartphones more powerful and reliable, contributing to their widespread use. For example, data from reveals there will be over seven billion mobile phone users globally by 2025.

One of the technologies that have played a critical role in the advancement of smartphone technology is Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence? According to IBM, Artificial Intelligence is the “science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs.”

AI and Smartphones

The first mobile phone devices were basic- they could only call, save contacts and take some low-resolution photos. However, modern smartphones are more powerful and come complete with an operating system, apps, internet access, and many other features. Your smartphone offers many features you would get on a standard computer.

There are multiple areas in which AI has transformed mobile technology. However, in this piece, we’ll focus on three main ones: facial recognition, photography, and assistant functions.

Facial Recognition

AI enables smartphones to run facial recognition software. For instance, iPhone Face ID allows users to unlock their devices using their faces. Smartphones use AI and machine learning algorithms to recognize users’ faces and grant access.

With the rising cases of insecurity, many phone users are interested in a device that offers maximum security. For example, if you love playing pokies on the go, you probably have a mobile casino app with pokies installed on your device. However, gaming can expose you to internet criminals, and facial recognition would help keep your gaming account secure. In this sense, facial recognition is a common approach among smartphone gamers looking for enhanced security.

Photography and Videography

AI enables you to take better photos and videos. It allows smartphone users to add special effects to their photos and videos. A great example is Google Pixel’s Super Res Zoom which uses an algorithm instead of the lens to zoom in on a subject. An AI algorithm produces detailed photos that don’t require cropping.   

Additionally, modern smartphone cameras can analyze if you photograph an object or a person. The cameras use AI to pick the appropriate lens for the user’s next click based on the light conditions. Ultimately, AI enables smartphones to take better photos and videos.

Voice Assistants

AI-powered smartphones have voice assistant features such as Siri, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby. These features use data to understand users’ voice commands to perform various tasks.

Some of the common voice assistant applications include:

  • Alexa:  with this feature, you can control your smart-home devices remotely. It also allows you to develop routines to automate the devices. Its interface adapts to the user’s voice and vocabulary as they use it.
  • Bixby: Some Samsung devices come with this feature which helps users learn more about landmarks and objects in their surroundings. You simply pinpoint your phone at a landmark and it provides information about it immediately.
  • Google Assistant: This feature performs tasks and personalizes responses based on the user’s previous commands and other data, such as the user’s previous Google searches.   
Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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