All Active PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes (2023) for free Outfits, Weapon Skins, Crates & Rewards


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Whether you’re chasing thrilling chicken dinners or deeply engaged in collaborative gaming experiences, PUBG Mobile has consistently delivered exciting content for its dedicated player base. As a token of gratitude for players’ unwavering commitment, devs sporadically release PUBG Mobile redeem codes in exchange for valuable in-game rewards. One has to stay alert to make the most of these rewarding opportunities.

A notable source for these codes is the competitive season, especially during tournaments like PMPL ID. Organizers frequently unveil redemption codes on the official stream, giving viewers the chance to claim them for free. Additionally, players should remain vigilant during in-game events, official posts, and trailers, as these platforms occasionally release codes for complimentary cosmetics.

Obtaining PUBG Mobile redeem codes can be a challenge, as they are limited to a specific number of players before expiration. While PUBG Mobile redeem codes come with time constraints and undisclosed usage limits, redeeming them might seem straightforward. However, if you haven’t encountered these rare giveaways before, the process might be unfamiliar.

To streamline the process, we’ve curated a list of new PUBG Mobile Redeem codes for the current month, marked the expired ones, and shared tips on discovering codes independently. After all, who doesn’t appreciate getting freebies?

Working PUBG Mobile Redeem Codes

If you are on the lookout to expand your cosmetic collection and acquire premium items without spending any PUBG Redeem Code UC (Unknown Cash), these PUBG Mobile codes provide a pathway to free resources. Below, you’ll find a list of currently active PUBG Mobile codes in the game:

  1. CLPOZFZ56S – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)
  2. CLPOZDZ6PP – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)
  3. CLPOZCZTVW – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)
  4. CLPOZBZ6JE – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)
  5. CLPOZEZVEG – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)
  6. CLHFZFZ7VE – Redeem for 20 Challenge Points (New)
  7. CMCKZBZBAW – Redeem for Sea Breeze Myth Voucher (New)

It’s important to keep in mind that these codes have a limited lifespan, so players are strongly encouraged to redeem them promptly before they expire. Be sure to utilize these codes while they are still valid to enjoy the additional cosmetics and premium items they bring to your PUBG Mobile experience.

How to redeem codes in PUBG Mobile?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to redeem your codes in PUBG Mobile:

Step1: Access the PUBGM Redemption Center Page

Step 2: Enter Details

Character ID
Redemption Code
Verification Code

Step 3: Find Your Character ID

Click on your in-game profile photo to find your Character ID. It will be displayed below your IGN as a series of numbers. Enter this series in the Character ID column.

Step 4: Input Your Pubg Mobile Redeem Codes

Enter your unique redeem code into the Redemption Code column.

Step 5: Enter Verification Code

Input the numbers shown in the adjacent box into the Verification Code column. If you encounter an error with the Verification Code after inputting it, try refreshing by clicking the button next to the box.

Step 6: Click on the Redeem button

Once all columns are filled, click the “Redeem” button.

Step 7: Check In-Game Mail

After successfully redeeming the code, check your in-game Mail to claim your code prize.

Follow these instructions meticulously for a smooth redemption process and enjoy the rewards in your PUBG Mobile gaming experience.

Where can you get PUBG Mobile codes?

Although obtaining and utilizing codes may seem straightforward, you might not have encountered these rare and exclusive giveaways.

An effective avenue for discovering these codes is during the competitive season, particularly in tournaments like PMPL ID. Organizers frequently reveal redemption codes throughout the official stream, allowing viewers to claim them at no cost.

Additionally, players should stay attentive during in-game events, official posts, and trailers. These platforms occasionally release codes for complimentary cosmetics, presenting an extra opportunity to enhance your in-game experience.

PUBG Mobile codes, offering promotional freebies from Tencent, can be obtained through various channels. Here are some methods:

  1. Discord: The PUBG Mobile Discord regularly hosts giveaways for UC or elite passes, making joining for a chance at free codes worthwhile.
  2. Live Streams: Many PUBG Mobile redeem codes are unveiled during live streams. Following specific streamers like Dynamo Gaming, TheBushka, todosgamerstv, Panda, Atro can provide opportunities to snag these codes.
  3. Reddit: While Reddit may not host giveaways in the same manner as Discord, it serves as an excellent source for information about the game. It can provide insights into ongoing events, rewards, or opportunities to acquire free item codes.

Where to find PUBG Mobile character ID?

To find your PUBG Mobile character ID, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Access the main menu in PUBG Mobile.
  2. Identify your username, prominently displayed on the screen.
  3. For a closer view, tap on the box containing your username.
  4. Your character ID, comprising 8 to 15 characters, will be visible beneath your username.

By tapping on the box, you can obtain a clearer view of your character ID, simplifying the process of accessing necessary information for code redemption or other in-game activities.

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