7 Innovative Ideas To Plan A Birthday Party During Lockdown


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With COVID-19, it’s challenging to gather either in public or private without donning the armor of masks. Extended lockdowns and social distancing norms have further made it difficult for everyone to communicate and connect with each other. 

However, even when the world is battling a deadly disease, there appears to be a simple ray of hope that can easily lessen your burden of unease – Birthdays! 

Birthday celebrations induce a semblance of happiness and joy into the lives of people and give them the opportunity to come together and alleviate their woes. Nevertheless, despite all the good that a lively birthday party can do – planning such a celebration while you are locked away is not an easy job!  

So, if you want to inject a dose of excitement into this uncertain time, here are seven innovative ideas that you can employ to plan a sparkling and memorable birthday party. 

Write Invitations 

If these were normal circumstances, the first thing you would have done to plan a birthday party is to send invitations. 

But, rather than sending out these invitations to friends and neighbors, address them to your family members. Embellish each one of these invites with a picture or a write-up of your choice. 

In fact, go ahead and make digital invitations by using templates, animations, and videos available with a free birthday invitation maker. Doing so would add to a sense of occasion to your at-home birthday party and also help uplift everyone’s spirits! 

Decorate Your House 

Imagine your loved one’s face when they wake up in the morning and watch the house decorated in a beautiful manner! The look would be absolutely priceless, especially because they’d least expected it! 

If you have some old balloons, poppers, and streamers stored up, use them to give your house a party vibe. If not, opt for a theme-based party. 

For example, you can try a nature-themed party. Bring all the potted plants in the balcony and make hand-made banners and leaf-shaped cut-outs. Wear green-colored dresses to give your party a natural look. 

With decorations, you can always get as creative as you want. However, for a better impact, just make sure that everything you use for the purpose of decoration carries your personal touch. 

Have A Garden Picnic

Although it is wise to stay in and thus, keep your celebrations inside the house – if you have an attached garden, yard, or any other open space which is uncrowded – take the party there!

Clean the space and mow the lawn, and lay out colorful towels and blankets coupled with cushions. Set up a table in between and decorate it with vases, napkins, and candles. Bring out your best cutlery and serve your loved one’s favorite meals!

Depending on the number of guests you’ll have, you can plan this picnic either as a small luncheon or a large buffet. Just make sure that the location is neat, clean, and well-lit and follow all the necessary social distancing guidelines.

Make A Gift

It’s rather understandable that with a lockdown in place, you can’t really go out and buy gifts of your choice. But don’t let COVID-19 stop you from making a gift for your loved one. 

This gift could be a customized video, or a handkerchief with their initials etched on it. For the former, you need a video editor for PC, while for the latter, a mere sewing machine would do. 

If both these ideas appear out of bounds, you could just go forth and prepare a delicious meal. Look for recipes that blend with the taste patterns of your loved one and whip them up with the utmost care. 

In case none of these gifting ideas work for you, start looking for DIY gifts online and pick out whatever you can make with the material available at home.  

Plan An E-Party 

If you are good at all things technical, you can try and plan an e-party! Organizing a virtual party not only gives your loved ones the opportunity to meet their friends and colleagues but also enables them to feel cherished. 

Log in to a platform like Google Hangouts, Skype, or Zoom and set up a specific time. Invite the people on your guest list and, if possible, give them a theme. Ascertain that everyone you invite gives you an RSVP so that you can make other arrangements accordingly. 

Once this is done, just sit your loved ones in front of their computers and watch them have a great time! 

Organize An Activity 

The two most important activities that you can organize within the confines of your house are – Karaoke and Treasure hunt. 

If you want to go for karaoke, you’ll just need to download your favorite songs, connect your TV with a microphone and begin an evening full of singing and laughter. However, if you want to organize a treasure hunt, you’ll need to work a little harder. 

Start by making gifts and hiding them in different places in your house. Then, write out clues and spread them out strategically. Doing so will induce a dose of enthusiasm and fun into your birthday celebrations. 

Spend Time Together 

Finally, make sure that you use this wonderful day to spend a good amount of time with your loved ones. Just bring everyone in your house together at the same place and do something, as a family. 

You could watch a good movie, read your favorite books, play a round of Monopoly, or even bake a decent cake! The point is that all your family members should leave everything else aside and spend as much time as they can with you. 

After all, nothing beats ringing in your birthday than being surrounded by the ones you love! 

Wrapping Up 

Birthdays, at the end of the day, are about making good memories. It doesn’t matter whether you are eating in a restaurant, playing with friends or spending time at home – if you can find ways to enjoy yourself, the beauty of the day will remain etched in your mind forever! 

So, lockdown or no lockdown – if the birthday of your loved one is coming up, make full use of the opportunity and plan an innovative party. 

Don’t let COVID bog you down by ruining your fervor, zeal, or enthusiasm. In fact, use this time of isolation as a momentous occasion to polish your organizational and creative skills!  

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
She knows business processes and operations management inside out. As she understands all the challenges of running a small business firsthand, it’s her mission to tackle the topics that are most relevant to entrepreneurs and offer viable solutions.


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