The 6 Hottest Mobile Tech Trends for 2021


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Mobile tech has become one of the hottest industries out there, setting trends and capitalizing on what feels like ever-changing technology. For those that try to stay up to date with all the latest gadgets, news, mobile tech trends, it can feel a bit overwhelming as the new launches never seem to let up.

So, with that in mind, we’ve gone ahead and waded through all the hottest devices and trends out there right now and identified the six hottest mobile tech trends to watch for in 2021.

For those looking to invest in new mobile tech trends, or for those who just like to check out what is on the horizon and what’s new, this list can almost act as your buying guide in 2021.

The Launch of the Apple iPhone 12

We simply cannot have a story about the hottest mobile tech without mentioning the brand new release from Apple. The new Apple iPhone 12 has been unveiled to the world this month but will no doubt continue to trend into early 2021. Customers can currently place pre-orders, which is probably the best way to ensure you get one right at launch.

Making the announcement even more exciting is the fact there will be four different models of the new device. The first to launch will be the iPhone 12 Standard and the iPhone 12 Pro. If you’ve got your eyes on the super-sized iPhone 12 Pro Max or the Mini, then you’re going to have to wait until early November for the launch.

Standout features of the new iPhone 12 include 5G support, OLED screens, a new design that is squared off, and the A14 Bionic processor.

Online Casino Gaming on Mobile Phones Continues to Build Speed

Online gaming is nothing new, nor is online casino gaming, but it is a trend that is continuing to build speed and popularity. What’s becoming evident as well is that these game developers keep stepping up the gaming experience, offering more immersive gaming, better graphics and sounds, and more variety.

All you have to do is take a look at the current casino gaming options, such as Deuces Wild at the trusted This online video poker game feels and looks sleek, and will trick you into thinking you’re actually at the casino playing in person. It’s really shocking how far these games have come.

The Folding Smartphone – Take Advantage of a Large Screen

It wasn’t that long ago that the trend among smartphones was to create smaller, pocket-sized lightweight devices that took up no space. While times have changed, consumers’ demands have changed, and it appears as though manufacturers are taking notice.

Rumours are running wild right now that LG is set to launch a roll screen smartphone early in 2021. The concept would give users the ability to roll open a screen, giving them much more viewing space. While nothing has been confirmed at this point, should this rumour prove to be true, you can bet that this will be a very hot trend thanks to the uniqueness factor.

Apps Will Continue to Make Use of AR

There are a number of apps that have rolled out in 2020 that have been making use of AR, or augmented reality, and again, this is a trend that is expected to continue into 2021. The AR tech is really giving all new functionality to apps, making them more useful and productive.

Take for example stores that sell things like furniture – Ikea is a perfect example. Its AR app allows users to actually place furniture in their existing rooms virtually thanks to the AR capabilities. This can go really far in terms of being able to sell their products. Once you start thinking of the ways AR can be used, it opens up a massive door of opportunity.

A New Take on a Flip Phone Thanks to Xiaomi

And then we’ve got a phone that manages to capture the desire for a small portable device, with the need for a larger easy to read screen. How can you have both? Well, it seems Xiaomi may answer that question in 2021.

It’s no secret that Xiaomi hasn’t been shy about showing off a prototype of a folding phone. Just picture your regular smartphone but imagine being able to fold it in half. However, now there is talk that it may actually be sourcing components from none other than Samsung Display.

Nokia to Release More Affordable Devices

And speaking of affordability, another trend to watch for will be a line of more affordable devices from Nokia. This will help to set the devices apart from others in a sea of incredibly pricey offerings.

Plenty of Trends to Watch For

So, if it’s trends you’re after 2021, the mobile tech industry will not disappoint.

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