3 Trending Games That Can Also Be Played on Android


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The advantage of PC games is that the graphics quality is better than mobile games on smartphones. But thanks to increasingly sophisticated technology, many PC games can be played smoothly on Android smartphones.

With increasingly high specifications that are almost on par with computers,  many Android phones are capable of running heavy games with high graphics quality.

PC games circulating on Android are usually in the form of adaptations with some adjustments. However, the gameplay presented is not much different.

Mobile phone vendors have released a lot of cheap gaming cellphones below $100 with qualified specifications. Even if you want high specifications, you can buy a gaming cellphone at the price of $200 and above. That way, you can play PC games on Android for free and more smoothly.

This is a list of PC games on Android 2022 that we recommend come from various types and genres. Interestingly, there are several PC games on Android that can be played offline, so you don’t have to worry about internet connection problems.

Talking about genres, there are also some worth mentioning, ranging from open-world games or shooting games to online and offline multiplayer games, airplane simulator games, and others.

Want to know what games? Let’s see what popular games can also be played on Android:

1. NBA 2K20

For those of you who like basketball, you certainly don’t want to miss playing this one game. NBA 2K20 is now available on mobile devices and can be played via your Android smartphone.

The same experience of dealing with a foreign online casino that you can also find in this game is managing the budget. Yes, you can spend some to get better teams, maybe, but this game isn’t actually Pay to Win. You can still win several matches with proper members that can be obtained through freebies. 

This PC game on Android offers graphics that are pleasing to the eye. The details presented are so good and not inferior to the PC version. Guaranteed to make you feel at home playing this game for a long time.

2. Dead by Daylight

Game Dead By Daylight also recently arrived on mobile devices. This multiplayer survival horror genre game was previously quite well known on PC.

Its popularity makes Behavior Interactive developers willing to bring this game to mobile devices. In the game, there is a one vs four mechanism involving hunters in charge of capturing survivors.

You can play as four survivors with other players or choose to be a hunter alone to chase other players who become survivors.

Your skills to dodge as a survivor are needed to escape the hunter’s pursuit. There are also various traps that you can use. On the other hand, hunters also have special abilities that can be used to chase survivors.

The gripping nuance that is presented is also an added value that this game offers. Guaranteed your adrenaline will increase while playing it. Dare to try?

3. Fortnite

Who doesn’t know this battle royale genre game? You can play the game made by Epic Games for free on various platforms such as PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and also smartphones.

What’s more, Fortnite allows you to play it across platforms. So that the progress you have gone through can be played on various different consoles.

You just need an internet connection to be the best in the fight to be the last person to survive in this Android PC game.

It’s just that not all smartphones can play the game Fortnite. The reason is that Fortnite asks for fairly high specifications from smartphones and takes up quite a large amount of storage memory.

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Audrey Throne
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