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Why has YouTube started showing dislikes in the negative? Am I breaking any rule?

Anyone watching videos on YouTube has heard YouTubers asking their viewers to hit the Like (Thumbs Up icon) button after they have watched the video. Adjoining Like button is the Dislike emoticon. It is opted when the viewer is in disagreement with the content. Dislikes are an indicator of the sentiments of viewers and serve as metrics for content creators. It reflects the mood of viewers.

Though the feature is v small, however, it has become buggy for a few. YouTube has begun registering negative dislikes on videos randomly. It has been happening over the past few days. Creators are wondering whether they have broken any rule due to which YouTube dislike is showing count in negative. YouTube has started giving negative dislikes.

People have taken to forums and Reddit and shared a visual of YouTube’s negative dislikes. Though the count appears more of a visual glitch rather than technical, yet it has left users confused.

The YouTube negative dislikes and even positive likes do have any impact on the algorithm. It is only visual and it is not related to monetizing criteria. However, it has left users bewildered. Since most YouTuber creators are non-technical, they want YouTube to either clarify the root cause behind it and resolve it.

But the process to get initiated, YouTube is not ready to acknowledge it. Though the Support is aware of the issue, but the solution of clearing the cache and cookies of browser is not permanent. However, it can be given a try!

Check out the response:

The scenario of negative dislikes display can be replicated by hitting the like and dislike buttons one after the another briskly. YouTube is bugging its creators with another strange issue- random videos being demonetized for ‘child abuse’ even without a single image pointing to abuse.

On a lighter note, will a negative dislike be counting as Like by YouTube?

Share with us in comments box whether you have encountered similar challenge and if it ha impacted you.

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