Why do players prefer to play online games?


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Mobile gaming is one of the most popular ways of gaming there is. People love to download an app and play the game on their phones.

According to a survey, mobile gaming has even become more popular than console and PC gaming. For example, in 2018 mobile games brought in 70 billion dollars which represents 51% of the global gaming market. Why is mobile gaming picking up an alternative to entertainment and making friends online?

The reasons behind the preference for mobile gaming over other ways of gaming

Here are some of the top reasons behind the popularity of mobile gaming. They explore the gaming abilities of the players proving one of the most appealing options for them.

  1. It’s more convenient and accessible

Players prefer playing on their mobile devices because it’s more convenient and accessible. Online games can be played from anywhere with an internet connection, which makes it easy for players to access and play them. It’s as simple as that.

By playing on a mobile device, players have more gaming freedom.

For example, they can conveniently play during their commute time or in between work breaks. Playing on a PC or a console takes more time and is less convenient.

You don’t have the option to play anywhere when gaming on a PC or a console. It also takes more time because you have to set up the game beforehand and make some time for it.

Apps now make gaming a lot easier and much more accessible. No need to set up the game.

Once you’ve downloaded an app, it should work just fine without requiring you to set up anything else. You might get the occasional update but that’s it. That means you spend less time setting up the game and more time playing.

  1. The graphics are just as good on mobile devices

Nowadays, mobile devices are well-designed with high-quality resolution. This means that playing games on your mobile phone no longer compromises the quality of the graphics.

You can have a great gaming experience on your mobile phone and enjoy the game’s graphics and sound design just as well as you would on a PC.

If you want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of a game, check to see if the game is compatible with your type of phone. Some games are designed specifically for IOS and/or Android users.

Choosing a game that is compatible with your type of mobile device will improve your gaming experience.

  1. It’s usually cheaper than other forms of gaming

With mobile gaming, you don’t need to invest in expensive gaming consoles or PCs. This means that mobile gaming is usually cheaper than other forms of gaming.

You can always buy some gaming equipment if you want to have a more comfortable mobile gaming experience but that’s not necessary. Anyone with a good phone can begin gaming.

It’s a more economical solution and is one of the reasons why mobile gaming is so popular.

  1. Social interaction

There are many popular online games that have multiplayer modes that facilitate players to interact and play with anyone globally. Getting socially connected via playing games has become a new fad.

  1. Continuous updates and new content

A majority of online games have competitive modes and new content that gets updated on a regular basis. It tests the skills of players, and develops competitive spirit and their rank on leaderboards. Many online games receive regular updates and new content, which keeps the game fresh and interesting for players.

Many players have now started with play mobile slots on their phones, and slot games are one of the most popular games in the mobile gaming market. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon. One of them is that mobile slots are short and quick games.

Their format makes them very accessible and convenient to play. Gamers can play a quick round during a coffee break for example. Another reason is that these games are very beginner friendly. There are no complicated rules and advanced strategies to know about. It’s a luck-based game which means you can just play, relax and see what happens.

This is one of the reasons why beginners, intermediate and advanced players love this game. These games are also very fun to play and are proven to increase adrenaline and cortisol production. This means that you’ll feel a rush of excitement while playing. With mobile devices, players feel more connected to the game and more immersed in it, physically speaking, because of how differently you play it.

The future of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming’s popularity is not declining and is very unlikely to die out over the next decades. Its popularity is attracting more attention from game developers and engineers.

This means that the mobile gaming industry is likely to work on new technologies to offer an even better gaming experience to its users. Virtual Reality (VR) and VR headsets in particular are very likely to become popular in mobile gaming.

This technology is already starting to appear in other forms of gaming. It will only increase in popularity and will soon reach mainstream mobile gaming.

Final thoughts

In this article, we discussed the popularity of mobile gaming and why it’s becoming more popular than other types of gaming.

Elizabeth Baldridge
Elizabeth Baldridge
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