When Will Electric Cars Surpass Gas Vehicles?


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You wouldn’t have been able to say this years ago, but electric cars are becoming more of a common thing nowadays. Many people say that we are verging on a “technological revolution” and that it will come fast and furious. Globally, the popularity of electric vehicles has grown very quickly. Overall, electric vehicles are environmentally safe and friendly, and fuel-efficient, this has led to them becoming more mainstream. Let’s delve into this topic more and see what else is known about electric cars surpassing gas vehicles. 

Not Just a Fad 

Many experts believe that electric and zero-emission car sales will consist of seventy percent of (new) purchases by the year 2040. This evaluation comes from the fact that electric cars are more affordable and that car manufacturers are assembling them at a decreased price. This innovation is expected to grow because the price tag on these vehicles will drop even more over years to come. 

Many different car brands have gone on record about their plans to only sell electric vehicles, giving specific years as to when they will start. 

  • Jaguar (2025)
  • Lotus (2028)
  • Volvo (2030)
  • General Motors (2035)

Ford has also gone on record that all their cars purchased in Europe by 2030 will be electric and VW projects that by 2030, seventy percent of their sales will be electric. 

Kinds of Electric Cars

Worldwide governments are pushing for banning the purchase of diesel and petrol cars, but that isn’t the only incentive to own and drive an electric vehicle. If you’re interested in buying an electric car, you should be aware of how different they are from the cars we have grown accustomed to (internal combustion). 

The most common kind of electric car is the battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). These kinds of cars only use electricity for power. They use a big battery pack that gives energy to the electric motor(s) to power up the car. In this instance, the battery pack acts as the fuel tank would and the electric motor like the engine on a regular car. Popular examples of battery electric vehicles include:

  • Chevrolet Bolt EV
  • Ford Mustang Mach-E
  • Hyundai Ioniq 5
  • Kia EV6
  • Tesla Model 3
  • Volkswagen ID.4

Besides the BEVs, there are also hybrid cars on the market. They use electric motors in conjunction with gas engines to power up the vehicle. There are two types of hybrid cars. The first is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) which is where you charge the battery by plugging it into an electrical outlet. Hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) aren’t plugged in and just use the gas engine to power the battery pack. 

Positives of an Electric Vehicle 

While gas cars are not as pricey and it’s simpler to fuel up than an EV, there are many positives to owning and operating an electric car. The biggest draw is there is a decreased amount of maintenance needed. You won’t require oil changes or worry about an exhaust system, and elements like the life of your brakes can be lengthened. People who drive electric vehicles say that it’s a quieter ride because there isn’t the noise of the engine to contend with. Electric vehicles are also considered to be high-performance with instant torque, increased speed, and acceleration. These factors have drivers clamoring about how exciting it can be to drive an electric car. 

Another motivation for buying an EV is the possible tax incentives that you can get, dependent on the type of car you buy. The US government will give a credit upwards of $7500 on qualified vehicles and some states will give credits on different models, which decreases the total purchase price. Besides that, driving an electric car will help the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emanations. Since fuel prices can get ridiculously high, not having to worry about gassing up at the pump, is a huge reason why more people are buying electric cars. 

Negatives of an Electric Vehicle

You can’t talk about the positives of something without bringing up the negatives as well. Where you live might become a factor depending on the charging stations available to you. This comes into play for people who rent, and or live in apartments. If that’s the case, you probably won’t be able to set up a charging system at home. You might have a charging station accessible to you, but it does take a while to recharge your electric vehicle (30 minutes or more). Road trips can prove difficult because having to stop along the way to recharge will make the average drive time a lot longer. The bottom line, even with tax credits, electric cars cost more than gas cars. 

Final Thoughts 

Electric car manufacturers have battery warranties as well as ones for electrical parts. They work just like a warranty would for a regular car. In a lot of instances, the warranty for a battery in an electric vehicle can be up to ten years or one hundred thousand miles (whatever comes first). If your electric car breaks down during that time frame, the battery will be replaced or repaired. 

Regardless of the type of vehicle you decide to purchase, it’s important to read the buyer’s guide posted on the side of the car for sale at the dealership. Reading over everything is a great thing to do before making a buying decision. If you operate a car dealership, visit MBR Marketing for a comprehensive selection of Auto Dealer Buyers Guides, including traditional Buyers Guides (with tape on the back), paper-back laser Buyers Guides, and outdoor application Buyers Guides. For more information on Auto Dealer Buyers Guides, visit https://mbrmarketing.com/dealer-supplies/sales-forms/ftc-buyers-guides-and-holders.

Depending on your lifestyle and accessibility to charging stations, you will have to decide what’s best for you. Electric vehicles do seem like the wave of the future. Many car manufacturers are going on record as to when they will produce only electric cars and governments are pushing for bans on producing gas vehicles because of the environment. Many experts predict that in the United States, the sales of electric cars will surpass the worldwide average in the year 2026 and not 2028 as first thought. 

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