What to Do When Your Relationship Is on the Rocks


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Unlike what you see in the movies, romantic relationships are complicated. Most couples iron out their differences and move forward as if nothing happens. Nonetheless, many relationships hit rock bottom daily, with associated partners wondering where they got it wrong and if the relationship is still salvageable.

But guess what? Separation and divorce (if married) aren’t your only alternative if your relationship hits a rough patch. It’s possible to redeem your union and get the “happily ever after” life depicted by numerous romantic novels and films. 

In this guide, we’ll take you through things you can do to strengthen your shaky relationship regardless of prevailing odds. 

Yearning for more context? Let’s get started!

8 Things to Do When Your Relationship Is on the Rocks

Having issues with someone you love isn’t pleasant. With reports suggesting that over 70% of relationships break down within the first year, it’s normal to be scared that your soulmate might up and leave after the union encounters some issues.

While this fear is valid, this scenario mostly occurs when both parties don’t try to redeem the relationship. But you know better than fold your arms and let your ride through your fingers don’t you? 

When your relationship is on the rocks (in trouble), here are some things you can do to salvage the situation and rekindle undiluted love once more:

Settle Immediately After FightsThis might sound like a common recommendation for those in relationships. However, its rare implementation is the root cause of most broken relationships.

When you fight with your partner, settling things straight away is important. Examine their perspective,; even if it doesn’t align with yours, it’ll be best to apologize immediately.

Not fighting with your significant other during a relationship is next to impossible. But learn the art of picking your battles wisely. If the issue that led to the disagreement wasn’t too big of a deal, let it slide and tender an apology. 


Sometimes, all a troubled relationship requires for normalcy to return is communication. No one’s saying you should talk to your partner 24/7 (you both probably lead busy lives). Nevertheless, set a time to talk to your partner for a few minutes each day. These conversations can occur during breakfast, during the day (giving them a call during your work break), or in the evening when dinner is served.

Worried about conversational topics? Don’t let that dampen your spirits. You can discuss many things with your partner, from that big meeting with your superiors to mild gossip about that nosy neighbor. 

Even if you’re not in the mood to converse, ask your partner about their day and if they’ve got any important upcoming events. Doing this shows that you care, and they’ll be willing to get you in sync with all associated information.

Spend Quality Time Together

Once you get the hint that your relationship is on the rocks or headed towards this path, make concerted efforts to spend quality time with your partner. You could reserve two at their favorite Italian restaurant or buy tickets for a movie tallying their preferred genre.

Always devise ways to spend quality time with your significant other. Contrary to popular belief, fun in a relationship doesn’t have to be extravagant. It could be as simple as watching TV shows and playing card games together. What counts is that these activities strengthen the relationship’s bond, letting you and your partner get along with minimal fuss.

Practice Honesty

Honesty is the bane of trust in a relationship. And without trust, no union can function and thrive. However, it’s vital to note that honesty is a two-way street. If you’d like your partner to be honest with you, you’ve got to accord them the same. 

Even when you’ve done something wrong, tell you’re significant other. Agreed, they might get annoyed at first. But it’s better for them to get the unpleasant news from the horse’s mouth than hear it elsewhere. 

Also, when you’re honest, your partner becomes more willing to work with you to reach a solution. Trust solidifies unions, and when yours is on the rocks, this approach could save you from losing the love of your life FOREVER! 

Give Your All

Giving you all is a principle that applies to multiple life facets, relationships included. If you’d like to steer your troubled relationship back on track, showing your partner that you’re willing to do all it takes to win their love and cement the union is important. Being lazy with your reconciliation efforts might show you’re unwilling to redeem the relationship.

Although towing this route might not bring instant results, monitor your partner’s behavior and tone towards you. As long as you’re putting in your best, they’ll most likely lose their resentment toward you and be willing to get the relationship going again. 

Focus on the Positives

If your relationship is on the rocks, one of the many ways to strengthen its stance and rekindle lost love is by changing your mindset. When a union witnesses topsy-turvy times, focusing on the negatives is normal. 

But it shouldn’t be so. Remember why you kick-started the relationship with your significant other in the first place. Surely, you must have encountered certain attributes that endeared you to them, right? If yes, you can list and revisit these unique qualities when things aren’t going well with the union.

By focusing on your partner’s positive traits, you’ll fall in love with them again as you can see them for who they are and not their shortcomings.

Make Your Partner Your Bestie

Any architectural structure requires a sturdy foundation to stand upright. The same applies to relationships. Healthy unions are based on existing friendships. If you’ve got a friend in your significant other, weathering through the storms rocking most relationships is seamless.

Treating your partner the same way you treat your friends is a great way to prevent your union from falling on the rocks. Support them, listen to them, respect them, and be kind to them every chance. 

Doing all these increase the chances of your relationship veering into the happily ever after terrain. 

Practice Physical Intimacy

Relationship issues can result in partners becoming physically distant. However, ignoring intimacy can only add to the existing wedge present in a troubled union. 

The lack of physical intimacy can cause a reduction in emotional intimacy also. As such, it’s typical for your significant other to drift apart and seek these aspects elsewhere. 

But you don’t want that, do you? If your answer’s affirmative, take deliberate steps to be intimate with your partner when the opportunity presents itself. Although sex ranks as the #1 way to practice physical intimacy, you could engage in non-sexual alternatives, including massages, kissing, cuddling, and holding hands. 

Parting Shot: What to Do When Your Relationship Hits the Rocks

No relationship is perfect. Arguments and fights might occur, threatening the union’s strength occasionally. But should you give in to these difficulties and quit the relationship? If you’ve read to this point, you’ll know the answer’s a resounding NO!

“Always know that love goes through stages. Stage 1 is the honeymoon stage and as time moves on, relationships hit. Stage 2 which is when the curtains can be drawn and you see reality and the light of day- ( what needs to be healed in the relationship).  It is important not to despair and use the time and space to reflect and heal.  The issues become an opportunity for growth in the relationship.” – recommended relationship expert Audrey Hope

Adopting the recommendations featured in this article, you can rekindle love in your troubled relationship and get excited by your partner’s presence 24/7. The road to recovery might be rocky, but it’ll be worthwhile in the END.

Jennifer Wilson
Jennifer Wilson
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