What is HTML5 and Why is it so Great?


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HTML5 is a programming language used primarily to design websites. The way the HTML5 technology is designed is that it is more compatible with devices such as tablets, laptops, and smartphones that make use of processors that use less energy than a desktop computer.

HTML is an acronym that stands for Hypertext and Markup Language. There have been several versions of this programming language since its inception. HTML5 is a newer version of HTML. The newer version is more mobile-friendly and is much less heavy on the devices on which it is used. You can use HTML5 on browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer amongst others.

The main difference between HTML4 and HTML5 is that the newer version allows for the addition of multimedia content in a more easy and streamlined manner. HTML5 defines how a browser will render a page, and it also defines how errors are handled should they occur. Use HTML5 to modify the appearance of a page and to create its structure.

HTML5 is used to build interactive websites for use across all browsers and on multiple platforms. Since HTML5 was introduced, the need to download certain websites has fallen away since the technology allows for the speedy use of a site via a web browser on any device. Using HTML5 means we no longer need to use a large number of third-party plugins such as Flash.

The switch from HTML4 to HTML5 took web designers a big leap forward as far as consistency and integrity are concerned. This technology has been around for about eight years and has become the standard for website design. When you ask whether HTML5 works on most browsers, the answer is yes and no.

Yes – HTML5 works on the majority of browsers.

No – Not only does HTML5 work on the majority of browsers, it works on ALL browsers.

Does the Layperson Need to be Concerned with HTML5?

It doesn’t matter if you’re a techie web developer or a technophobe who’s been living under a rock for the past decade or so. The reality is that HTML5 is something you need to know about because it affects technology as we know it today. Trust us, you needn’t be a computer geek because the information in this article will serve the purpose of educating you on something you might not be aware of. And let’s face it, you’re bound to use a desktop or mobile device and search the net. HTML5 Technology impacts whatever content you look at on the web – even if it’s to play your favorite online game while on your work or home commute.

While a layperson can simply use sites that are designed using HTML5, it is interesting to understand the improvements that came along with this technology. Of course, you do not need to know anything about HTML5 to make use of it in your daily life. What is useful to know is that this technology has been responsible for eliminating several errors that had previously occurred.

Since the technology helps pages to look the same on different browsers and different-sized screens, it allows us to go from one type of device to another and have a similar experience on the same site. This is especially useful for many when playing casino games. As long as you log in, you can use your browser on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to enjoy a consistently good experience across all these devices and even when using different browsers.

In the past, you often had to use a specific browser for different sites to work. With the HTML5 technology, browser manufacturers and web developers could come to an agreement that made the use of plug-ins unnecessary since HTML5 works across the board.

Why is HTML5 so Great?

You can easily see for yourself why HTML5 is so great when you look at the following advantages of using this technology.

Some advantages of using HTML5:

  • Consistency when you use HTML5 across several browsers
  • Users get better mobile access, which is particularly important in this era of smartphones
  • Better overall user experience
  • A more profitable multi-platform development
  • Pages get good rankings
  • Video extension on several platforms using multiple video formats
  • Local storage and offline navigation including offline application cache
  • Improved code and a cleaner markup
  • Better accessibility
  • Geolocation support
  • HTML5 is free, making it accessible to all

HTML5 certainly looks like it is the future of web design. This technology has proven itself over the past few years as we have seen the growth of HTML5 as it made its way into our lives.

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Audrey Throne
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