What are VoIP numbers and how are businesses using them


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Are you looking for a phone system for your business but choosing between all the options available is a tough decision? To make your choice easier, we are going to talk to you about VoIP numbers and how businesses are using them.

What is VoIP technology?

Nowadays, VoIP technology is the main option when it comes to communication, especially in the business world. That is because these kinds of numbers have a lot of advantages but, what is VoIP technology exactly?

In contrast to standard phone numbers, VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that assigns a phone number to a user without being tied to a physical line.

What does this mean? This means that when you make a phone call, the recipient does not know if the call is coming from a landline or a mobile phone. Because this technology works thanks to the Internet, every day more businesses want to get a VoIP phone number.

What is a VoIP number. Differences with traditional telephone numbers

As we told you before, a VoIP number is not the same as a traditional phone number. While a traditional phone line needs to get assigned to a location, VoIP numbers allow users or companies to use their lines wherever they are.

This is possible thanks to the different modes of transmission existing and when we talk about VoIP, we talk about a technology that works by taking analog audio signals that are converted to digital data that is sent over the Internet.

Eliminating the obligation of having a certain location makes VoIP a convenient system for those companies that are located in more than a place. In this way, companies avoid customers paying long-distance charges, which is very beneficial for both of them.

Advantages of VoIP for business

At this point, you have seen more than an advantage of VoIP numbers, but they are not the only ones.

Besides its independent location, VoIP technology has an enormous point of favor as it is a system that can be used from any device.

As it works over the Internet and the line is associated with a user, you can use your virtual number on several devices like phones, computers, tablets, softphones and even analog landlines with the help of an adapter.

Tips on how to buy a VoIP solution for business

Selecting the right VoIP service can be a nightmare, so it is important to know some tips on how to buy a VoIP solution for your business.

In this sense, it is crucial to know what requirements you have, as every offer has different features that change the final costs, so you need to establish a budget as well.

Another aspect that you have to take into account is if you need to integrate any feature or support system and, of course, it is extremely important to find a provider that gives you strong security features, using end-to-end encryption or multi-factor authentication.


To finish with the advantages of VoIP, we can not miss its portability. Portability is not about mobility, it is about keeping your phone number when moving from one provider to another. You can keep your landline number when moving to VoIP. It does not matter where you are or the device that you are using because you will be always able to make or receive calls with this convenient system for small and medium-sized enterprises.

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