Apple Watch Swipe up to open Control Center not working after latest WatchOS update?

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Many customers are experiencing a strange Apple Watch Swipe up issue.  Many are also unable to swipe down thereby preventing them from using the control center or alerts and locating their phone after watchOS 8.5.1 upgrade. 

Is there any fix to the Apple watch swipe up not working?

1: Normal Restart the Apple Watch

2: Force Restart the Apple Watch to Reboot

3: Pair Watch Again

4: Try changing the Watch Faces

5: Clean and dry Apple Watch

Is it the same solution for Apple Watch 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and SE?

If anything isn’t working properly, the first and easiest thing to attempt is to reset your Apple Watch and its linked iPhone.

Previous Remedies are the current known solutions to the problem of swipe up and down movements not functioning on your Apple Watch.

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