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The iMind is one of the more scalable and inclusive conferencing services. Team iMind is developing the software that is being created. It has its own technology stack. A lot of iMind reviews describe a lot of useful and easy-to-use features and capabilities of the service. Among the main advantages of the platform is facilitated videoconferencing and instant messaging on any device.

To Get Up and Running with the iMind Platform

The iMind video conferencing tool is as easy as it gets. One click is all it takes to get you started. Simply click on the link. No lengthy registration process, no passwords, no downloads or installations. Just get the link, click it and chat. However, be warned that some features are only available to registered users.

Peculiarities of iMind

Apart from that, what are the features of the iMind video conferencing platform?

Video conferencing platform iMind offers useful features. The most important of them are:

  • four different plans: Free, Pro, Business, and Enterprise;
  • up to 10 rooms can be created with the Free plan;
  • all participants can share a screen at the same time;
  • excellent suppression of background noise;
  • higher quality audio and video;
  • online chat is available on the Pro plan;
  • chat for business.

The various plans allow customers to choose the most suitable terms of service. For instance:

  • Free plan is designed for personal communication and sole proprietors. This option includes a single-user license, unlimited meetings, up to 24 participants with video and the creation of up to 10 rooms.
  • A Pro Plan allows you to create conferences with up to 99 licensed users on one account. In addition, it includes up to 12 participants with video and a meeting duration of up to 24 hours.
  • The Business Plan consists of personalized subdomains, includes priority support, and unlimited time for storing recordings in the iMind cloud. Also, it comprises 999 licenses per account.
  • The Enterprise Plan is designed for large corporations. This comes with priority support, unlimited time for storing records in the iMind cloud, branding, and additional integration options.

Benefits of the Platform for Users 

What makes the iMind conferencing platform recommended by users?

The iMind conferencing service is recommended by users due to its user-friendly interface, useful options, high quality, and much more. You can easily create a meeting room with this platform. For this, you simply enter the name of the room and get a link. Then you simply copy it and send it to the participants. Joining a meeting is also easy: just click the link.

With iMind, you work through a browser and an app, so you can use any operating system. And you can set up the volume of participants as well.

There’s an option to record conferences. Make sure you record several conferences at the same time in different rooms in the Pro plan.

The iMind and Client Testimonials

Numerous customers solve a lot of problems with iMind. In doing so, they note for themselves the many benefits of the platform. Clients report that the platform has many free themes, informative templates, a user-friendly interface, and simple features. It aids in communication and allows conversations using conference calls, chat rooms, and meeting rooms. Everyone involved can share screenshots, which makes online communication easier.

The majority of clients can rely on this platform to streamline their workflow. What it does is allow you to discuss company plans regardless of time or location.

Professionals’ Advice for Better Online Meetings on iMind

Pay attention to the following 4 points:

  1. Internet.
  2. Lighting.
  3. Sound.
  4. Fine-tuning.

Now let’s look at them in detail. 

Let’s start with the basics: 

How Strong is Your Internet Connection?

Is your Internet connection strong enough for a video conference? You can check this with a free Internet speed test, such as the one from the Federal Networking Agency. Your downloads should be above 10 Mbit and uploads above 1 Mbit. Make sure that other users on your network are not causing interference, for example by using streaming services at the same time. If the connection is consistently poor, you should consider changing your provider.

The Most Important Factor for Better Video Conferencing is Lighting;

Before you start complaining about the quality of your computer camera or even buy an external camera, improve the lighting.

An additional light source can improve the image. We recommend an LED lamp or a ring light, which can often be adjusted to the color of daylight. If you’re sitting in front of a white wall, it may be enough to illuminate the wall rather than yourself. This will create natural, indirect lighting.

Sound Matters – But How Can You Make it Better?

Anyone who has ever sat in a video conference with 30 or more people, where at one point everyone was looking for the source of one annoying beeping sound, knows: the best video conferences are also created by good sound. Again, improving its quality is surprisingly easy. If you follow these tips, you’ll eliminate the most common causes of sound problems:

  • avoid large, empty rooms;
  • turn off any noisy devices in the room;
  • close all doors and windows;
  • check the location of the microphone on your device and that it is easily accessible.

If you’re still not happy with the sound quality, we recommend getting an external microphone that can be placed on your desk or a combination of headset and microphone. The latter option may not be the most appealing. But it will ensure that you can hear and be understood even when traffic is rushing past. Another pro tip: switch to external devices with USB ports. It’s too annoying when Bluetooth devices don’t charge at the crucial moment or break down mid-stride. Want to equip yourself better? Here we show you our recommendations for a simple setup for the best video calling conferences:

Fine-tuning for Better Video Conferencing

When the Internet is stable, the picture is clear, and the sound is crystal clear – what else can go wrong? To make sure things don’t just go smoothly, but really well, there are other aspects that will improve your video conferencing.

When meeting strangers, it’s worth clarifying beforehand who will be doing the introductions. When each participant feels welcome and welcomed, it promotes a productive conversational atmosphere.

Most programmes display a preview before you enter the meeting room. It’s always worth looking at it one last time and asking yourself: am I making the impression I want to make? Is there something in the background that I don’t want to show?

Always test the technology ahead of time so you don’t make any unfortunate mistakes in a live environment. And keep a charging cable at the ready. Because we’ve also learned that the same thing applies to virtual meetings as to conference room meetings – they may well take longer.


With useful features, iMind is a productivity tool. Easy navigation, inviting people, and controlling multiple participants with one call allows the platform to be great to use.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes
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