Types of telephone surveys


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Surveys and especially telephone surveys can be very useful for companies, not only for multinationals but also for small businesses that want to increase their turnover. An activity that wants to increase its business must, first of all, know the needs of its customers, so as to know how to satisfy them. E-mails or spam may be too generic methods to get really useful answers, which is why telephone surveys are currently used. A survey is a questionnaire made up of several questions, which must be elaborated according to the results to be obtained.

There is not just one type of survey, there are many methods and alternatives, such as cross-checking answers or free answers each survey employee must write down. There are some important rules to follow to come up with questions that work. For example, they don’t have to be too long or complicated. The questionnaire must be fluid, interesting for the interviewee, enjoyable and never make the call too long-lasting. There are free tools to carry out a survey on the web but through software, it is possible to create a professional telephone survey (read more). The choice depends on the objectives you have. If the idea is to use the survey in your marketing strategy, it is better to invest in professional software. If you want to give it a try or create a questionnaire for fun instead, a free tool is fine too

Customer surveys

To get to know customers better and understand if they are satisfied with the products or services offered, you can create a personalized telephone survey. It is necessary to let the interviewees give their opinion freely, leaving comments on the brand, the products, the type of service offered, and customer service. You can ask general or very specific questions, depending on the result you want to get. Customers are happy to be able to contribute and hope to see positive changes in the future.

Employee surveys

To keep producing and being efficient, employees need to be happy in the workplace. A survey can be useful to understand if they feel satisfied with their job at work if they would like to change roles in the company if they need more training or do not feel comfortable with colleagues. Thanks to the answers to a questionnaire, various problems can be solved and employees’ needs met, without them feeling obliged to expose themselves in front of the whole company.

Market analysis surveys

Telephone surveys for market analysis are the most used of all because they have become fundamental for companies. Thanks to a survey, you can understand the interests and expectations of your target audience, and what their preferences are, and you can receive honest and useful feedback for business growth. Carrying out a market analysis with traditional methods can be very expensive, so you need a precise strategy. To elaborate on the questions, you need to understand which answers you want to get: the review on a new product? feedback on customer service? to understand if the competitors are more appreciated? A survey offers many possibilities, the important thing is to ask short, simple, and direct questions.

Surveys for event planning

When you want to organize an event, you are always afraid that there are few participants or that it is not engaging enough. So why not investigate what guests expect first? A telephone survey can be used to understand what people’s expectations are, but it can also be a shortcut to confirm their presence quickly. Just create a series of fun and lightweight questions, and that’s it! Before the event begins, it will already be possible to know how many participants there are.

Healthcare surveys

Being able to offer patients excellent services and good health care is really important. Thanks to a survey it is possible to understand what the gaps in a hospital are and try to solve them. Maybe there are delays in bookings, too much waiting for visits, or there are no special agreements. Only patients can know what a hospital’s problems are and can propose innovative solutions. Just wait a bit before calling, in order to give your patients time and space to heal.

Education telephone surveys

Education is very important, but some students may not be satisfied with the study path they are following. Exposing yourself by asking to make changes could be an embarrassment for some people, so surveys are the right solution. In addition to this, students can use the answers to the surveys in school projects or in their dissertations, to have a sincere comparison from a certain audience.

There are many other types of telephone surveys, online questionnaires, and other kinds of tests you can use. Based on your target market you can choose the most suitable solution to extract honest answers, improve your business and grow your company more and more.


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